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Newsletter #50

 the Nifty-Fifty (8.2) Preview


Yet Another look at  
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What's New in
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PD Artist

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More examples
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with particle brushes

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What's New


What's Cool

PD Artist

Hello again.  We love playing. We love playing with project names. Remember Dogwaffle v8? Broomhead, Oh Sassy? How about v7, Carrot Juice, or Hobs and Jills? The fun part about these is that you can research the meanings online. Who would have thought that discovering digital painting would lead to little ferrets or a healthy drink?

Rigid2 transform: above - original;  below - post processed with Irfanview

We also love numbers. Now, 8.2 is an evolution, namely into using the GPU, into more multi-threading, more performance, and less plugin architecture for some filters when it makes sense, when it helps performance. Perhaps most significantly, 8.2 is also about Windows 8. We're developing and testing under Windows 8, we're also making sure it still runs well under Windows 7. It looks like it's also going to run under Windows Vista, at the moment. However, no go for Windows XP. If you'll want to join this ride, it'll be a good idea to get a PC with 4 GB or RAM or more, and Windows 7 or higher.

Mars01   Mars02  Mars03
Mars: rendered in Project Dogwaffle 8.2 (pre-release)

We think 8.2 is pretty nifty. It's tempting for us to call it 9.0, but oh well. Next time. This will remain a free update for those who already have 8.x: If you have PD Artist 8.0, or PD Howler 8.1/8.0, you'll be receiving information about this update when released. It's coming soon. If you don't have v8 yet, what are you waiting for? A takeover by Microsoft, with free give-away?

Well, we can dream. In the meantime, here's a bunch of videos for your enjoyment, with music by Dan RItchie himself, as well as Mike Hutchens, Jose Luis Suazo and DJ d'Artagnan. More are coming.

If you want to go straight to youtube, start here:    and then let it play through subsequent videos.

This is newsletter number fifty, which happens to rhyme well with nifty. The nifty-fifty is therefore going to focus on what's nifty in version 8.2, especially some of the new images of rendered terrains that were done with GPU lighting, anti-aliasing and lots of love.

As usual, you can see the html version here:


PD Pro 8.2 - Another Preview

The big focus in this collection is the improved lighting with GPU  usage, and antialiasing and more. Think of using such 3D elements as starting points that you'd finish p with particle brushes in foreground for additional lush foliage, and lens flares in background, stars and planets and interstellar dust and clouds, whatever your imagination requires.

Still Images:



Rigid01 rigid2-220.jpg Rock01-220.jpg
Rock02-220.jpg spotty-220.jpg Water01-220.jpg

Short Animations:

High Map AntiAliasing

view mp4

view webm

Morphing 3

view mp4

view webm


New Water

view mp4

view webm

One with more Detail

view mp4

view webm

Non-photoreal 01

view mp4

view webm

Non-photoreal 02

view mp4

view webm

Here's a last one for now in this series: a potpourri that puts some of these and others together  -

New Tutorials with Anim8or

Here are two new tutorials to use Dogwaffle with Anim8or. The audio quality is a little different, I was using the microphone that's built into the laptop, while travelling in Europe. After a little audio post work it proved to be usable though, I think.

--- Dimple dots in alpha channel as transparency holes

--- Pre-multiplying Alpha to remove glow along selection borders: this technique doesn't apply just for use with Anim8or - it's great for any images that are to be shown against transparent background, even when used as custom brush back in PD Pro.


 Reminder: New (lower) Pricing

Always check here for the latest:

and here too:


PD Pro 8 Howler and Artist
  • PD Pro 8 Howler is now priced at $99
  • PD Pro 8 Artist is now priced at $59
This is about 30-40% lower than in the past.

Similar moves have been implemented for version 7, where the PD Pro 7 Artist for example is at $39 now. Even better though, we're running a special price on that latter version at just $19.

PD Pro v6 promotion - again!

A bunch of new wafflers discovered PD Pro 6 in December. We've decided to re-instate the special promo, offering version 6 of the Howler edition at just $10 or thereabouts. Check our sales pages for current details.


Get ready for GPU accelerated v8.2 - coming soon! Consider upgrading with a discount coupon from the earlier version. If you have an earlier version but misplaced your discount coupon, just email us for a new one. The recent price reductions will make it even more affordable to upgrade!

The Ultimate Teaser: PD Pro 5 Free!

Dan is offering a special treat: PD Pro v5 for free. For a limited time? The future will tell. If you want to help Dan get some hand warmers and food while coding along for v8.2, please consider purchasing it for $5. But really, either way, it's yours for next to nothing.

Learn more here:

(pst: insider tip --- see also if the 1/2-off promo for version 8 is still there as well!)


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