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Project Dogwaffle, the (un)natural paint and animation program by Daniel Ritchie

short & sweet:
Project Dogwaffle, the award-winning, affordable, fun and fast paint and animation program for the PC, by Daniel Ritchie ( Complete with layers, tablet support, user-defineable animated brushes, custom fractal particle brushes, stroke replayer, many fast or realtime filters and special FX tools, and much more, it is the perfect tool for people and artists of all ages who love to draw, sketch, animate and paint - without the mess.


Project Dogwaffle is a paint program for the PC which also includes animation features. Started in 1997  as a project to work around shortcomings of the established 'big guns' tools used in the professional community, it is loaded with fast or realtime filters for color enhancing in digital photos and animations, special effects and many built-in natural media brushes. Dogwaffle also has powerful user-defined custom and animated brushes, fractal particle brushes, full tablet support, layers, artist guides, powerful color gradients, great text tools, special FX for sky, snow, wet paint and even effects used commonly in 3D CG such as lens flares, as well as full Alpha support with direct painting on Alpha. Perfect for the hobbyist on a tight budget who likes to explore colors and shapes, and equally useful for web artists, game content creators, cartoonists, designers as well as in digital photography and traditional animation, Project Dogwaffle almost lets you paint the natural way - but without the mess.

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   Artwork Examples

These images may be used with reviews or articles about Project Dogwaffle. Click the images for the larger versions or right-click to save link targets to your computer. If you need different formats feel free to convert or contact us if you need assistance.

Done with PD Particles 1.0:

(click image for more in the PD Particles Gallery)

Done with PD Pro 3.5:

Cybersign Monster - head
credits:  copyright (c) 2006 Martin Duerr,
available sizes:
  • 525x391 (with shadow drop)
  • 1024x768 (for wallpaper, with credits at the bottom)
  • 1600x1169 (screenshot while in PD Pro)

Fantasy Foliage
Weed -
                        particle brushes under a forcefield
reproduced with permission
Martin Duerr,

Digital Transformation
the Beast Within
from Digital Photo Darling to a
little Monster in just a few seconds
How: bristled brush, wet paint, color embossed, Twirl transform filter
Hairy Skull

reproduced with permission
Martin Duerr,

Dragon Head

PD Pro & Gertrudis
how it was done
reproduced with permission from
Martin Duerr,

Alpha Textures for 3D

opaque branches on transparent polygons. Particle brushes rendered to Alpha. Rendering in 3D program (Carrara 4) casts shadows.
1024x768  800x600  500x325

Artwork  done with Dogwaffle and PD Pro:  copyright (c) 2005 Dan Ritchie
talking bird 1 - left

talking bird 2 - right

Blue Jay 03 Closeup [large]
Blue Jay 06 Closeup  Final  [large]
Blue Jay Closeup
Magic Forest
                        Forest 02
Owl's House, from Dan Ritchie's
novel,  "Silver Squirrel"   [large]

Nature Scene painted with Optipustics
(Fractal Particle Brushes)

Fruit bowl, Acrylic on canvas,
scanned &
postwork  made with PD Pro
(original scan before postwork here)

                        Pro 3.1 fruit bowl

Brushstokes #1 by Dan Ritchie
Brushstokes #2 by Dan Ritchie

Brushstokes #3 by Dan Ritchie
More Sample Artwork:  Wallpapers


Screenshots from the Gertrudis plugin for Dogwaffle:

Flower Photo in Gertrudis plugin, about to be sent back to Dogwaffle after applying various sketching strokes.
Post work within Dogwaffle. The Left side shows three stored images including the original (top left). The middle one shows color Sobel embossed mode. The bottom one is result from Gertrudis. Additional color fx and changes such as light diffusion and paper texture (canvas) were applied to the central image.

Screenshot from Dogwaffle 3 and Higher - PD Pro Digital Painter
All PD Pro Howler  -   based on PD Pro 6, 7, 8 new!

PD Pro 8 Howler - Painting Foliage on a Netbook

PD Pro v3.5  

large size: 1600x1167

medium size: 1280x932
large size: 1600x1166

medium size: 1024x768
PD Pro v3.2   
Skull copyright (c) 2005 Martin Duerr
size: medium  large

PD Pro v3.1


Screenshot from Dogwaffle v1.2 (freeware):

Free Dogwaffle

Screenshot from Project Dogwaffle v2.1 with Penny:
Dogwaffle 2.1 and Penny

Screenshots from Dogwaffle v2.0:

640x480 | 1024x768

Screenshots from earlier versions (1.15, 1.5, 1.6) of Project Dogwaffle:

Misty Pond
fall colors

    Demo Versions and Tutorials for Cover CDs or Downloading

The demo versions of Dogwaffle can be freely included in magazine cover CDs, book Cds, or offered for free download from your websites.

The demo versions are available here  (DemoZone)

We also have tutorials, some of which can be included in print. Example here
(zip archive of all files here [10 MB] )

More tutorials here

We also have a fully functional freeware edition (v1.2) which should be of great interested for magazine and book cover CD inclusion. Interested? Please contact us.   We can even make a customized version with your logo.


all banners should be made to link to

  Misc small banners:

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   Still banners:

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   Animated Banners:

468x60 - 10 kb - banner_dogwaffle_rampant.gif

The Tornado Chase art contest
468x60 - 61 kb - animated Gif , Tornado Chase contest: tornado_banner1_opt.gif

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Our Company Logo of
160x135 300x300

  n.b.:   logo designed by nBT

What's in our logo?
When you try our products, we think that you'll feel free and happy like a fish in the water, or if you were a Penguin you'd learn that you too can fly, or at least be jumping with joy!

Please contact us if you are a reviewer/editor and need larger versions for print publications.

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