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Press Release - for Immediate Distribution

Subject:  Project Dogwaffle Professional 3.7 update

Announcing the PD Pro Digital Painter 3.7 Update

June 26, 2006 - Santa Clarita, Califormia

Dan Ritchie has announced the release of a new free update for current users of
Project Dogwaffle Professional and PD Pro Digital Painter:  PD Pro version 3.7.

    "In the last several releases, we have drastically improved a number of our
existing tools, while adding new features and significant speed improvements
through parallel multimedia instruction.", said Ritchie. "In 3.7, we felt that we should
take that head of steam we had built up, and carry it over into the rest of
the program, even those little tools you don't think about very much.  We
wanted our entire toolset to be as powerful and interactive as possible, not
just the big guns."

*** What's new in 3.7 ?

    To start with, details in the user interface have been carefully re-thought
to provide better clarity and ease of use.  Menus are gently cleaned up. 
Even though everything is where you would expect it to be, there's a cleaner
and more elegant feel.  Menus text strings can now also be stored in a text
file for editing by users if desired. Some people were put off by the
technical sounding Buffer menu, which has now been renamed the Image menu.

    Many tools have been given new interfaces, such as the Sunset and Fog
filters.  The Wave distort filter has not only been given a face lift, but
now works much more quickly.  The Fisheye filter is another example.

    Here are the most significant changes:

    * Menu and GUI changes for better clarity.
    * The Buffer menu is now renamed the Image menu.
    * New Feature: color-picker mode on stored images, great when drawing from a reference photo
    * Added a high pass filter in the convolution sub-menu.
    * Added Value-only contrast filter to the adjust sub-menu.
    * The sunset and fog filter are faster and now have option panels.
    * The wave displace filter is updated and much(!) faster.
    * Brush smear mode is calculated internally at a higher prescision to help avoid buildup of integer rounding errors.
    * There's now a color transform sub-menu under the image menu, including RGB->YUV and back.
    * Faster Fisheye Filter.
    * Updated Spherize, Isometric, Weave plugins.

    "In the past, several tools included an “Apply” button, to render a preview.",
added Ritchie. "This was due to the fact that these operations couldn't be performed
quickly enough on older machines to keep up with the users.  We felt that
this was a problem that had to be fixed, so many of these tools are 
reimplemented to perform better and give quicker feedback.  This keeps the
interface more standard and simple to learn and work with."


*** Availability

    The new 3.7 updater is available for free downloading to legitimate users
of earlier 3.x versions including Project Dogwaffle professional.

    Visit  for details

    Users of 2.x are encouraged to upgrade to v3 in order to take
advantage of the new features.

*** About Dan Ritchie and

    Project Dogwaffle is the result of 8+ years of development by Dan Ritchie, a
Hollywood special fx artist and the author of a novel, "Silver Squirrel".
Based on active-X server technology, PD Pro easily lets developers make new
filters, plugins and enhancements, such as the Lua scripting. Project
Dogwaffle is available in several forms, including a freeware and a
professional edition.

*** About Philip Staiger and

    Philip Staiger expresses his passion for digital art tools at
where he consults and helps artists find the right tools for their budget through
affordable software for painting, animating and 3D modeling. 

    Philip and Dan can best be reached through the contacts page at


*** Press contacts


    For Press inquiries and NFR copies to arrange for a review please contact
Philip Staiger at 

email:  admin-at-thebest3d-dot-com
Skype: staigermanus
Copper: +1-858-208-7377

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