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Tutorials for Project Dogwaffle, PD Particles & PD Pro and Howler


Tutorials for...  PD Pro 4 - PD Artist - PD ParticlesPD Pro 5 - PD Howler 6-7-8... - more:dogwaffle   back

Recent Tutorials:







Most of our recently created tutorials are in screen capture videos.
Watch our Latest tutorials from our channel on YouTube:

(includes tutorials on PD Howler, PD Artist and PD Particles)

Watch a new series of tutorials on YouTube by this long-time user of Project Dogwaffle:

Immortal Moments Art, by Tiffanie Gray

Watch and learn from our older channel: staigerman

   More Tutorial  Collections:

  • The Daily Dose: a series with PD Pro 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and beyond! Includes many videos on our Youtube channels!
  • PD Pro 4 tutorials   many(!) tutorials here! - great place to start even if you have a more recent version 5 and up!
Here are some select tutorials, mostly PD 2.1 and PD Pro 3.5 & 4:
Most of the techniques used and shown here can of course be used in more recent releases too.

Alpha Skills

  • Using the alpha channel for selections, masks, special effects and more. This is a series of tutorial focused on the many Alpha related tools.

Array of image cells (Sprite sheet) to Animation

                                    image cells from a sprite sheet into
                                    an animated sequence for viewing
  • use this free plugin to take a collection if images layed out as a spritesheet and convert them into an animation for viewing or exporting as image sequence or AVI file.

PD Pro,
PD Artist & PD 2:

Drawing Grid & Visible Grid

  • Drawing Horizontal or Vertical straight lines with the Drawing Grid (snap) mode and linear tool

>>>>  Also related:  Artist Guides
AVI clip to
Animated Brush

you can load an animation or video from Avi file directly into the cutom brush as an animated brush and paint with it - even paint video on video

Eagles: from 2D to 3D and back to 2D
using Project Dogwaffle, then Archipelis, then Carrara,
and back to Project Dogwaffle

Happy Jumping Jack

creating and animation for
                                  animated gif with Dogwaffle and

  • Draw a short animation, then save it as image sequence and use VirtualDub to convert it to Animated Gif or AVI and more formats. This tutorial uses the freeware version 1.2 of Dogwaffle!

Space Art

  • more ideas, tricks and tools to paint space art like star clusters and nebulae, even cosmic gravitational lenses
Save Poser runs to Animated Gif
  • Creating Poser walk sequences? Convert AVI and Save to animated Gif using the free DoggyFX plugin. Also supports importing animated gif and saving to MNG
Web to Clipboard to Dogwaffle
  • A few tips and tricks to grab an image from your
    web browser straight into Dogwaffle without saving to file. Plus some stuff you can do to it.

  • Working with images and other applications
    through the Clipboard (for PD Artist and others)

  • don't get your tubes hosed up! here's a look at creating and using animated brushes made of image sequences.
Pixarra's Twisted Brush and Project Dogwaffle

  • Exploring and discovering new brushes from Pixarra's Twistedbrush Pro Studio and ways to use them in Project Dogwaffle Professional. Play with clay style brushes, Kaleiscopes and much more, then turn them into animations! Also learn about sharing Lua scripts!

Custom Animated Brush for Nature Painting
  • make a set of images from particle brushes, assemble into a spritesheet. Turn it into a custom brush, use it for nature painting.

Dark Snow, the animated screensaver
  • take an image and add animated snowfall and other effects to turn it into a screensaver with the help of Irfanview. Also use Alpha channel masks to control where the snow apears, and give illusion of depth

Fun with Particle Brushes
  • Going beyond the initial use of painting foliage, grass, shrubbery and bushes: making other effects with the Optipustics particle brushes

Grid Patterns

  • Exploring more fun effects with Color Sobel Edge Detect filter, starting from a grid.

It's not Kirlian Photography

  • combining particle brushes and the Color Sobel Edge Detect filter and other filters for intriguing effects

Circular Gradients and Backgrounds
  • The circular gradient used to quickly make some fancy colored backgrounds

Gradients along Linear masks

  • some ideas to draw lines which change colors according to the color gradient
Lens Flares


  • Another look at making seamless textures, and adding lens flares with PD Pro 4.1

Custom Backgrounds

  • Using Custom Backgrounds: personalize your Dogwaffle experience

Creating an Animated Texture
for Lottery Ticket Scratcher

  • create animated textures with bluescreen compositing, then map and render it in a 3D program (e.g. Carrara)
from Cloud photo to animated Planet Textures
  • PD Pro 4: start with a simple photo, turn it into a brush, paint some wacky stuff and add some magic with filters. Explore new techniques for use in Planetary textures
the shading tutorial

  • PD Pro 3: how to paint realistic 3D shapes with shading and shadows.
Compositing image sequences with Blue-screen

  • Compositing image sequences with Blue screen technique
Cryptonite: compositing an animation with alpha channels over another
  • using PD Pro to render an animation over another, when the 'foreground' anim is an image sequence with alpha channel for opacity
Many Tutorials for
PD Particles!
  • also usable with PD Pro and Project Dogwaffle 2 in many cases!

for cartoonists and carricaturists:
your Line Art:

Caricatures by hanzz

Lots and Lots more Tutorials:
Creating Textures
for dinosaur skins, marble, rusted metal... great for use in 3D CG!

Colour Theory

Beyond the RGB color mixer, there's a RYB (Red Yellow Blue) color mixer!

Seamless Plus
the new plugin for making seamless textures

Artist Guides
So you think you lack the talent? no problem, ...

Design Fun for Patterns
using Penny, the Spline-based drawing program plugin inside Project Dogwaffle...

the Alpha Fader

for post work

the Brush Timeline
make great animated brushes

the Color Replacer


Seamless Texture

Store (Image) Buffer


Leaves for nature painting

The Timeline Editor - animated filters over video


Fractal Particle brushes
a new dimension in digital painting

The Exposure Sheet
Lipsynching your cartoon characters

The Brush Keyframer
another way to apply animated brushes over animations, with keyframes path, scale, rotation and opacity

Fantastic Space Art with BrushFX
Make instant gaseous nebulae, star clusters and galactic clouds!

tools to edit & manage animation frames, great for post work

The Stroke player in Hancock mode
Creating an animated treasure map

The Image (or Buffer) Menu

The Swap Buffer

The 3D Wireframe plugin

Customized Settings and Preferences

astronomy backgrounds - animated clips for music videos - post work over 3D renderings and animations  - atmospheres - creating planets with the Spherize tool - Gertrudis for art - painting over uv texture maps for 3D - making seamless textures - making looping animations - animated lava - 3D buttons - animated backgrounds, atmospheric - grass textures -  painting clouds - and much more...
Particles and Compositing -
Retiming a video clip -
LUA scripting to make your own filters -

  • ye good ole days - getting started: original Tutorials from Dogwaffle 1.11b/1.5

Making textures for use in 3D programs such as
Caligari TrueSpace 5.2

* Tutorial 1

* Tutorial 2

our latest tutorials

           Video Tutorials on Project Dogwaffle  2                    
[ top ]

                  Plus - texturing tool

The August 2004 Collection: tutorials
with the Dogwaffle
2.1b update

free video
                  demo tutorials - July collection

the July 2004 Collection: tutorials
just in time for the 2.1a patch!

Free Dogwaffle 2.1 Demo Video Tutorials
The 2.1 update has several new features.
Learn more here.

The new Text tool
04_Tute_Text_wm9.avi (1.5 MB Avi file, WM9 codec)
see also some finished examples here

Custom Brush Dynamics
for transforms and color changes on-the-fly
03_Tute_CustomBrush_wm9.avi (1.1 MB Avi file, WM9 codec)

Layers control panel!
02_Tute_Layers_wm9.avi  (1.3 MB Avi file, WM9 codec) 

Dynamic Viewing Controls
Interactively pan and zoom through your image while you work on it
01_Tute_Zooming_wm9.avi  (0.9 MB Avi file, WM9 codec)

          Many new Tutorials by
[ top ]

the shading tutorial
PD Pro 3: how to paint realistic 3D shapes with shading and shadows.

Compositing image sequences with Blue-screen technique

compositing an animation with alpha channels over another

using PD Pro to render an animation over another, when the 'foreground' anim is an image sequence with alpha channel for opacity

Loading an Image directly to Stored state

PD Pro 4, new feature: preload a bunch of images to speed up your work flow and have the images ready to use when needed.

Lightning Effects

using the Lightning fx tool for dramatic visuals

Animated Waving with LUA scripts
animated motion waving in the breeze with Lua scripting, for grass, underwater seaweed scenes etc...

Stored image color picker
New feature in PD Pro v3.7 lets you  use a stored image as a color picker. Combined with a mosaic filter in this tutorial

post work on animations

Post work on Animations
  • loading/saving an animation
  • the timeline editor & keyframing filter parameters
  • alpha masking & linear alpha gradient
  • flipping: from snowfall to rising bubbles

Making Astronomy Backgrounds

creating gaseous nebulae

Flash-MX stream

(click to stop)  

Making animated clips for Music Videos

take a looping animation
and add some funk to it

taking Carrara
3D animations even further:

Post work over rendered 3D
animations and movies

Got Air?

adding atmosphere, clouds, storms...

just add oxygen
more planetary texture techniques, and adding an atmosphere.

Using the Spherize tool
to make planets for Space art

Fun with the upcoming plugin:
Gertrudis for Dogwaffle

Paint UV texture maps
a collection of tutorials for 3D artists
[view it]

Wireframe demon with uvmap template

make Seamless Textures
the old-fashioned way...
[view it]

make loopable animations
PD Pro 3.1 has a new tool which can turn certain animations into loopable ones.
[view it]

brain power
combining Gertrudis
with Dogwaffle
[view it]

Animated Lava
                  texture rendered in 3D (Carrara)

Animated Lava Textures
Created and animated in PD Pro, 3D rendered in Carrara
[view it]

3D Buttons

create 3D buttons for web use, and then some...

Create animated Backgrounds
from still images such as skies,
painted or photographed, or from 3D rendering.

Make Grass Textures
Using PD Pro for making textures of grass, shrubbery and trees with the fractal particle brushes (Optipustics) and creating an alpha channel from the images, for use in 3D architectural renderings and games.

Making textures
for use in 3D programs such as Caligari TrueSpace

* Tutorial 1

* Tutorial 2

making frozen planet's textures
Another Dogwaffle 1.2 Tutorial:
(also good for v2 of course and most orther versions)
Planet Dogwafflia
Another primer on using filters and displacement tools to make frozen planet's textures for use in 3D rendering.

doomsday planet tutorial
Dogwaffle 1.2 Tutorial:
Dooms-Day Planet
playing with filters to make planetary textures for use in 3D
Then adding post effects for glow, Aura...

Another uvmap primer.
Intro to painting over uvmaps, using layer mixing, for 3D artists

Painting your own clouds and skies

...the sky's the limit

tree or treat

Trick or Tree!

Make a tree and leave ... it to Dogwaffle

sky blast

Sky Blast!
A quick intro to creating explosive sky effects for fantasy art backdrops

  playing around with the Textrix modifier and Zoom blur filters

Color Mixer Viewlet 

 Creating your own Color Mixers
drop shadow
Adding a Drop Shadow to an Image
uv mapping and painting 3d objects
Painting over a uv mask for 3D objects

animated pirate head
Wish You Were Here - turning a picture into a greeting card
Will you be my Valentine? -  making your own Valentine's card

        Tutorials from other Websites
[ top ] Tutorials to get started, by Brian Hinton

  Getting Started with tutorials from Project Dogwaffle 1.5/1.6  by Dan Ritchie
[ top ]
powered by xvid  Some of the AVI video clips here use the Xvid codec

digital painting with the alpha channel, masks
                  and selections Learning to use the alpha channel: (AVI-xvid, zipped, 2.8 mb)

digital painting with the alpha channel, masks
                  and selections more playing with the alpha channel (AVI-xvis, zipped, 7.8 mb)

smaller preview in Flash video stream:
Alpha2-640.htm (4.4 mb)


Making your own Brushes

2.5 MB)

Making a Button for website or other interface uses

3.6 MB)

some words of wisdom on colors


the immensely powerful color gradients, what, why and how
(5.5 MB)

Drawing trees for nature scenes
(2.9 MB)

Make seamless Textures? yes you can!

(1.8 MB)

fun and powerful, the Stroke Player

Have you seen or made other tutorials of Project Dogwaffle? Please let us know