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Age Decrement effect
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New in PD Pro 4.0d and later, there is a button in the Optipustics control panel for particle brushes, next to the

(ForceField) and
the More button

When you click the More button, a panel appears with extra options. As of this writing, it had this one new parameter: Age Decrement

Age decrement reduces the Lifespan of particles based on how long you've been painting with particles in the current brush stroke.  The result is typically useful for trees and bushes, where you want the twiggs and branches near the end at the tip of the tree to be shorter than the ones starting down low.

At left, a single brush stroke from bottom to top doesn't show reduction in size, The right one shows a
diminishing life spam and size, because Age decrement was set to non-zero (4 in this example). The higher
the age decrement value, the faster the particles will vanish to zero size.

click image for full screen snapshot