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Animated Swap Buffers
new in PD Pro 4.1

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You can use an animation as the swap buffer in the Timeline, with filters that use the Swap buffer's image for such things as combining or displacing.  This can create very cool effects, like this swimming distortion by using a perlin noise animation with a displacement filter. This one was done quick and dirty, with not much attention to detail. You can of course reduce the intensity of the displacement.
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Desert Heat HOT!

Beyond Digital Painting:

Wave Displacement

This looping animation of a 39-frame wave displacement was created  to serve as a basis for the animation to run in the Swap buffer. It will displace another animation.
For example, an image with some text was replicated 39 times to have the same frame count as the wavelet animation. The wavelets then can be used with the 'Displace by Swap' filters.

Or you could use the cloaking displacement with varying parametrers set by keyframes along the timeline

Displacement is not the only thing possible. There is a large list of 'Combine with Swap' filters, with modes like Additive, Subtract, Multiply, Xor, Screen and many more.

Snowfall up and down

Or here's another example, with an animation created  with the Snowfall filter used twice and a vertical flip in-between and change in brightness, so some snowflakes move up and others move down, causing different displacements when used as animated Swap with the displacement filter.

Some of the 'Combine by Swap' filters can generate interesting color explorations

Fast Rising Bubbles

Another Looping animation. This one shows bubbles rising fast. (created with the snowfall filter, and making it loopable)

This one used the bubbles as displacement.

This one used the same bubbles in one of the 'Combine with Swap' filters.

Here are a bunch more, using additional filters for further effects, such as embossing, light diffusion, spherical distortion,...