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What's New in v1.6 ?


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  • Version 1.6 features a fully overhauled display system for greater speed, quality and flexibility.
  • Many painting and alpha channel tools have been greatly sped up and improved.

Painting tools
animated brushes
  • New animated brushes let you paint with a sequence of image and are created on the fly as opposed to being a ‘canned’ effect.  They can be scaled, rotated, flipped and keyed, and can make use of brush dynamics just like regular custom brushes. [show me more]

  • onionskin Onionskin lets you see though your paper like traditional onionskin used in animation studios.  You can see-through the two prior and two following frames as you paint the current frame. Use it with the already powerful painting system to create original cel animations. [show me more
  • You can use animated brushes as an animation tool as well as a painting tool.  By holding the Alt key while you paint, you can create remarkable animations as simply as moving the mouse. [more]
  • Frame sequences can now be loaded and saved in any supported format. [more] 
  • Buffer tools such as flip, invert, grayscale and dynamic range can now be applied to animations.
animated brush of a bee painted into animation

More new features

  • The new artist guide feature helps you in copying source photographs and artwork. It’s one of those tricks artist have been using for ages. [more] 
  • A new shading option in the particle system makes trees and shrubs more realistic. [more]
  • New SaveAVI and ChangeDPI plugins. [more]
  • improved grass/brush/hair effects - optipustics particles now uses opacity changes in gradient  (in 'Line' mode), and there's a shading effect too [show me more]
animated particles

Improved tablet support
  • Internal brushes and the antialiased brushes can respond to pressure.
  • Pressure-controlled opacity or size  or both  [more]
  • Full tablet information is passed to the plugin interface including altitude, pitch, roll, yaw, etc.
  • Support of many popular tablets: Wacom, AceCad, Aiptek, ...

New brush type

  • Fully antialiased, sub pixel drawing. [more]
  • Works with the drawing tool, circles, rectangles, lines, etc. [more]

Brush sets 
  • Load new internal brush sets. 
  • Several brush sets included.  [more]
Improved filters
  • Fully rewritten 'render sky' filter for more realistic results. Includes settings for heading, pitch and bank. [more]
  • Improved 'wireframe designer' filter adds perspective mode and solid shaded render. [more here and here]
  • Spherize updated for tablet users who couldn't access the second light source.
  • Several plugins updated with better error handling.

  • Import images from a variety of sources with TWAIN support.

  • Uses Windows help system.
  • Fully updated with new information.
  • Content, index and search capabilities.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixes to color selection, window saving, file loading and many others.

Additional features

  • Load paper textures from disc. [more]
  • New preferences system allows changes to the visual appearance and a number of other options. [samples]
  • The position of panels is saved. The buffer window adjusts if the tool panel is preferred on the left.
  • Improved 'adjust Value' filter.
  • Numerous internal improvements.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.  Project Dogwaffle is copyright 1997-2003 Daniel Ritchie, all rights reserved. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners and mentioned exclusively for identification purposes.