Dogwaffle 1.6 - new/improved features
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Loading Paper Textures

One of the features in Dogwaffle is the ability to add paper textured look to existing images or even to the brush being applied and used. This is done from the Paper Texture icon.

If you left-click on this icon, a small triangle will appear in its upper left corner, flagging it to show that it is activated.

From then on, if you use tools which paint pixels, there is a texture that appears along with the coloring effect. For example, while painting with an airbrush, the paper texture will be revealed.

Another use of this is when using the "q" shortcut for filling the whole buffer or current selection.

Also, in the Filters menu, under Artistic effects, you can add a paper texture effect to the buffer.

If you right-click this icon, a set of options will appear, such as:

  • a slider to set the intensity of the paper texture
  • various mode selectors
  • a selection of preset textures such as for paper, canvas, stucco, snake skins, and more.
  • and finally a Load... button to load your own texture, in Jpeg or Bitmap (bmp) format. So you can now scan your own textures and use them too.

Here are a few examples of embossed paper texture looks possible:

These are useful for example in painting over something that needs to appear like dinosaur skins or cowhide.

You can also apply these textures and control their intensity right in the brush post fx area. For example, if you start from an image which is loaded into the brush, and enable the embossing, a single click can cause the image to be applied along with the selected paper texture, and result in examples like these:

Here's another example of a painting done with Dogwaffle and the use of paper textures: