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What's new in version 2? In a word:  lots!

Version 2 is a major new release. There are numerous new features and enhancements.
Here are just a few of them.
Scroll to the bottom for a detailed list.

New media
  • The new Media Manager (aka Media-pedia) lets you save your current brush settings for later use, complete with a brushstroke preview.
  • The new Paintsmear mode is somewhat like painting with oil paints that don't like to mix very well. It has a highly 'fluid' or 'viscous' behaviour..
Custom brushes
  • custom brush managerCustom brushes can now react to brush dynamics to control rotation, scale, and color. See some examples in this tutorial
  • The powerful brush manager now replaces the old Store brush and Store animbrush features.  With the new brush manager, you can scale and rotate a brush or animated brush as well as alter its color properties.  You can also use the brush manager to build an animated brush, one frame at a time and preview it as a filmstrip.
  • BrushFX was recently released as an upgrade for version 1.6.  It has now been improved to function more seamlessly.  With it, you can generate stars and all sorts of natural phenomenon.
  • The Patterns plugin is a one-click solution for loading seamless textures for flood fill operations, as well as a quick paper texture loader.
  • You can now use a custom brush to define a paper texture.
  • 2.0 now supports fully integrated animation support.  Do things like crop, rotate and scale an animation.  Merge with a swap image for every frame of  an animation to create vignettes and other effects.
  • Apply a vast number of effects to an animation using the new and improved Timeline editor.  Create keyframes to control an effect over time, and use the new context sensitive tool to control your effect more intuitively.
  • Animated brushes can now be scaled, rotated and color corrected on the fly, and can also be tweeked to your liking with the brush manager.
  • Animated brushes feature some new tricks such as reversing direction, and returning to the start each time you draw.
  • Playback speed and accuracy has been improved.
  • Loading and saving of AVI files was recently introduced as an upgrade and has now been integrated and improved.

  • While previous versions offered 2 layers (Main buffer & Swap buffer) of mixing in additive, subtractative, multiply, divide, screen , around grey, and tracing paper
    modes, version 2 adds support for unlimited layers. Multiple layers are supported along with a new layered file format. 
Note: While opaque layers will be along in a future version, The layer system now supports any number of layers in the following mixing modes:  Additive, subtractive, multiply, divide, screen, around grey, and tracing paper. The "Default" mode is the same as multiply.

New display system
  • The workflow has been greatly improved with dynamic panning and zooming within an image.
  • You can now start drawing on an area outside of your buffer.

Overhauled the text tool
  • It is now simpler to create good looking text with the new text tool.  You have the choice of plain text or text filled with the settings from the gradient panel, and text can even be applied to the alpha channel.
  • Text can now be right, left, or center aligned within a box, as well as centered horizontally or vertically on screen.
  • A custom brush can now be created from text, so you can stamp it down where you like, and make use of the brush post process effects like a drop shadow or emboss effect.

New Filters
  • A new image browser lets you see thumbnails of your images before you load them.
  • There are several new ways to adjust color in your image with this release, with the new tint filter and additive color adjustment.
  • The enhanced Filmgrain filter from a recent update has been included, as well as new filters Sepia and Checkers have been added.
  • The Apply paper filter now takes advantage of new features to the paper system, such as paper scaling.

  • Increased max undo memory
  • A new alpha option lets you select Shadow, Midtones, and Highlight areas of  an image for further manipulation.
  • A new keyboard shortcut ',' (comma) lets you temporarily select the 'eyedropper'  tool.  When you let go, you'll get your previous tool back.
  • A new plugin lets you specify and enable a drawing grid.
  • Drag & Drop of files to the Dogwaffle is now possible.
  • Tablet support is improved with the ability to use the secondary color with the stylus' eraser.

Detailed List of Changes made for v2.0

  1. Creating a new animation through plugins strictly frees previous animation instead of attempting to reuse it's ram pool.
  2. Creating an animation with plugins opens the scrub bar
  3. Merging layers now merges every frame, if an animation exists.
  4. Improvements to brush fx plugin. Now maintains brush settings.
  5. Added shortcuts to go to first frame of animbrush and reverse direction. > and <
  6. Added ability to play animbrushes backwards and start on frame 0 on mouse downs.
  7. Added plugin command to refresh brush thumbnail imagery.
  8. Replaced "store Animated brush" plugin with brush manager. (Store brush and Store AnimatedBrush are still available as plugins)
  9. Added plugin commands for reading and writing size, step, opacity, mode.
  10. Completed Next version of the animation editor timeline plugin.
  11. Added a menu item for the timeline
  12. Increased maximum undo memory.
  13. Rearranged and renamed brush settings 'build' tab to 'custom'
  14. Added icons for BrushFX, Patterns, Brush keyer and brush manager on the brush options panel.
  15. Added button to allow brush transforms.
  16. Brush transforms makes custom brushes behave pretty much like regular brushes in that they support pressure, rotation and random colors, etc.
  17. Added tab to color adjustment for Multiply, Additive.
  18. Added the tint filter.
  19. Added menu items for mirage, mosaic, cellular.
  20. Added reset button to timeline. Added value labels.
  21. Added tint filter to timeline.
  22. Added Alpha select -> shadow, mid tones, lights.
  23. Swapped 'alt' and 'shift' functions for lasso selection to make it more consistent (with multiple selection concept). Shift is generally used for multiple selection, and a lot of people think of the alpha as a selection these days.
  24. Made some other changes to make the PS users happy.
  25. Antialiasing now defaults to medium instead of off.
  26. startup tool now defaults to an airbrush.
  27. "," now temporarily brings up the turkey baster. the original tool is restored on key up.
  28. Fixed a bug in the turkey baster that kept it from returning the correct color sometimes.
  29. Alpha nudge (now CTRL - arrow keys) now supports key repeat.
  30. Insured that animation playback is stopped if frames are accessed either internally or through the plugin interface, fixing problems with frames becoming corrupted.
  31. Creating a brush on the Custom tab of the brush options panel no longer resets the drawing mode.
  32. fixes to Smear mode with custom brushes as well as speed improvements.
  33. Setting the panto offset would end when you let up the alt key instead of the mouse button.
  34. Fixed issues with panto when zoomed.
  35. Mouse down in smear mode while zoomed gave the wrong coordinates.
  36. Filling with 'e' was broken when zoomed.
  37. Overhauled zoom system.
  38. The buffer can now be zoomed and scrolled independently of the buffer window size.CTRL+ALT now pans the buffer.
  39. CTRL+ALT+RMB now zooms the buffer independent of the window.
  40. Can also use CTRL+SHIFT.
  41. Buffer window no longer zooms larger than the screen.
  42. 'n' now centers the area under the mouse.
  43. Added menu items for zoom 100%, center image, zoom to fit.
  44. It was possible for the animation panels scrollbar to loose its max frame.
  45. Updated the zoom panel with pan/zoom/1 to 1/fit.
  46. Fixed animated brushes getting smeared all over when double clicking onthe file to open. What a weird bug.
  47. More accurate animation playback timing is possible if a high precision timing device is available.
  48. Floodfill now respects alpha. You can't fill outside of an alpha selection. warping modes now work correctly.
  49. Added ability to play and stop animation from the plugin interface.
  50. Added paint smear mode.
  51. Added New paint presets to take advantage of it.
  52. Reorganized preset with new menus for pastels and tempera.
  53. Implemented random Hue/Sat/Value for full color custom brushes. (also enabled by custom brush transforms)
  54. Fixed a number of display issues including flashing on certain panels and corruption on the brush build panel.
  55. Updated about box and "Dogwaffle on the Web."
  56. Addressed issues with camera zoom on wireframe designer.
  57. Added the following filters to the timeline:
  58. HSV, 8bit ordered/random, 1bit ordered/random, power curve, light diffusion, motion blur, zoom blur, Mystic Vision, sharpen, Maximize, minimize, MinMax, MaxMin, Jitter, Digital Photo Enhance, Mosaic, Slate, reduce flicker, Video lines, Apply paper, wireframe designer, Globe, mirage, Ghost, all the combine modes, Color key, Displace, cloaking displace, pool displace,
  59. animated perlin noise, etc.
  60. Thumbnail in timeline now features context sensitive controls for things like 3d rotation or picking colors.
  61. Thumbnail in timeline is now antialiased.
  62. Added Plugin commands to grab frames without going to and displaying them.
  63. New plugin command to get and set paper and bump textures.
  64. Organized filter list on timeline into categories.
  65. Added Patterns plugin with option of loading paper textures.
  66. Paper texture controls are now on a regular panel.
  67. Paper scale is now implemented.
  68. You can now make a paper texture from a custom brush.
  69. 'Apply paper' now opens the paper texture panel.(* I imagine people didn't know they could dynamically change paper attributes while using this tool. You can also scale the paper and load them with the patterns tool and they will be automatically updated.)
  70. Apply paper was dropping a pixel, causing a slight seam.
  71. Minor bug fix. Current paper selection is cleared when papers are created by plugins.
  72. Paper effect with custom brushes was only 1/2 intensity. Added zoom related buttons to toolset. (pan, zoom, fit, stretch)
  73. Made 'info display' a dedicated panel.
  74. Made the color selectors on the tool panel position reletive, to help with machines that are running with an odd dpi setting.
  75. Updated, pretty new About box.
  76. Made sure "Onion skin" was showing up along with paper, layer mixing, swap/main status, etc. in the program title bar.
  77. Internal brushes now open on the 'Internal brushes' panel.
  78. Drag&Drop of files is now implemented.
  79. Fixed a potential crash when rotating a buffer (load zoom panel into memory on startup (might crash if zoom panel not open because it reset the zoom))
  80. Removed an old hack from the gradient panel that allowed a gradient to be saved into a binary file. gave it a menu item in the mixer popup menu.
  81. Made sure brush thumbnail on the tool panel was showing the antialiased tool if it was turned on.
  82. Made it so it's only possible to input numbers on the buffer size panels input controls.
  83. Made the Key size plugins increase or decrease the size of the brush as well as the key. (New areas are filled with the current secondary color) (the Key size plugins basically apply a morphological process to the brushes key, causing it to grow or shrink. The result is, you get a nice outline of your brush in the brushes key color. Very useful for text)
  84. Added "Save avi..."
  85. Fixed spelling of turbulence on timeline.
  86. Made timeline scalable.
  87. Replaced the load sequence requester with one that allows network drives, etc. Make sizable.
  88. Rubber band mode of curve tool was refreshing the buffer thumbnail - very aggressively.
  89. Creating an animation through plugins now sets the animation scrub bar max value to total frames. (fixes issue with AVI2animation plugin)
  90. Added a plugin command to open the scrub bar.
  91. The particle system is a bit faster (significantly faster in certain cases).
  92. Improved animation playback speed.
  93. Realtime filters are overall a bit faster.
  94. Plugins now support all prefs visual settings. (Colors, borderless, etc.)
  95. the BrushFX plugin now selects a setting file at startup to avoid the 'no setting file selected' error.
  96. Dogwaffle now supports the notion of a temp directory for use by functions that require large amounts of storage.
  97. Added 'Temp Directory' to memory options in prefs.
  98. Rotating a buffer turned off the marching ants.
  99. Rotating, Resampling and cropping a buffer now supports multiple layers and animations.
  100. Fixed a bug that might have caused freeing an animation and creating a new one to crash (and was keeping resampling of animations from working). (scrub bar now ignores events if animation has no frames)
  101. Plugins with panels are now explicitly closed when the program exits.
  102. Swap mixing is now selected by the layer mode for the current layer on the layer panel. Turning on swap mixing bypasses regular layer mixing.
  103. Pressure options have been moved to main tab and tablet tab has been eliminated.Custom brush mode selector has been moved to custom tab.
  104. Added sepia plugin.
  105. Added icon browser
  106. Added display settings panel with grid, artist guides and rulers.
  107. Added media menu item to convert current internal brush image to a custom brush.