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The Dogwaffle 2.1b Update

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For users of Dogwaffle v2:

First of all - a big thank you is in order. Thank you for supporting us with your recent purchase of v2, and thanks for waffling! There's room for a lot more art in our lives on this planet, so let's get busy!

This is not a patch, it's a complete updater, and you need version 2.0 or 2.1 already installed (or patched versions such as 2.a or 2.0d etc). You can install this 2.1b updater over any prior version between 2.0 through 2.1a.

Dogwaffle Tutorials
The August Collection
The 2.1b Update - What's in It?

  In short - New Plugins and Content: 

  • Seamless Plus  -  The new Seamless Plus plugin... now shows a preview and has an option to keep the original size and will operate on either an image from the buffer or from a custom brush.
  • The RYB mixer is now included and has been further updated. A new option is that the RGB model can be selected as well, just ion case you love those big color wheels but prefer to stay in RGB  space :-) Remionder: The RYB mixer was recently added as a free standalone plugin.
  • Mediapedia - new settings for the collection of brushes accessible through Mediapedia.
  • SystemColor - new plugin opens the system color requester. Look for it in Plugins panel (shortcut: k)
  • NewFromClipboard - a new plugin which pastes a new buffer from the clipboard. It also first creates a new buffer of the right size to fit the Clipboard's image in it. So if you have an image in another application onscreen, use the PrintScreen key to copy it to Clipboard, then this new plugin to load it into the main buffer. No more need to save to file. This is similar to the menu: Brush>Clipboard>CopyFromClipboard menu item but works into the buffer instead of the brush.

New Tutorials

  • Along with this release we also have a few new tutorials for free downloading:

Download and Installation:

Get the file from the patches page

This is an update installer. After downloading and saving it (e.g. to a  temp folder, or to My Documents, or to the desktop), simply double-click it to launch it.  You will need to guide it an tell it the folder name (path) where your current 2.x installation can be found. It will check for a proper 2.x installation. By default, the location is:

C:\Program Files\project dogwaffle

Seamless plus - the improved tool for seamless textures
new plugin: Seamless Plus

new settings for Mediapedia
new content for Mediapedia

system color plugin
new plugin: System Color selector

new tutorials - the August collection
new tutorials