April 4, 2004

The 3.1 Update for PD Pro 3

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New Features

Here's a list of new features and improvements found in v3.1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for downloading instructions.  Be sure also to read the important installation notes!
  • Improved: Pasting a brush from the clipboard is now much faster.
  • Brushstroke filter using aa line mode was broken - fixed.
  • Added menu items for brush fx and patterns.
  • Categorized option tab for keyboard help page.
  • New hue, sat, value, greater than and less than layer modes.
  • Added Grime medias from recent free grime set.
  • Upsampling an animation caused a crash.
  • New histogram panel.

'Fiddler' by frogdot
  • fixed a bug that surfaced after using the buffer size plugin. Text
    would be clipped to the old size.
  • Added alt c and alt v keyboard shortcuts for copying/pasting brushes
    to and from the clipboard.

  • Added CTRL D to 'deselect' the alpha channel.

  • Minor improvements to the Adjust value filter. It was always possible to scale the size of the histrogram, but the screen refresh made it seem unresponsive, so it has been made more interactive. Also slightly faster.

  • New:  Make Looping Animated Textures! Loop an animation by blending its end to the beginning with the new loopable frames menu option.  
  • Watch the tutorial

  • fixed a very small bug that caused the statusbar to count backwards
    when re-interlacing frames.

  • Drawing with a custom brush now uses a simpler refresh method -- icons and titles bars are not refreshed while drawing, resulting in
    slightly faster refreshes.

  • file extentions are now enforced when saving brushes as well as

  • Fixed bug where brushes saved in png format would actually be saved
    as PSD format.

  • An image sequence can now be saved directly from an animated brush.

  • Updated Load sequence panel is easier to use.

  • Updated browser now caches thumbnails for speed.

  • The Timeline now sports several new compositing modes that let you
    select an image sequence to comp over.

  • You can now reverse fields on all frames from the frames animation

  • New:  Batch processing. Available from the File menu, it offers numerous filters to be applied to selected image files and saved to one of many formats.
Filters in Batch processor 

Batch Processor
Download & Installation
  • If you already have PD Pro 3.0 installed (e.g. as an upgrade from v2),
    then this is a free patch for you.