The PD Pro 3.1a update

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Overview of version 3.1a 
New Features (Animators rejoice!):
  • a non-photo blue removal tool - particularly useful for traditional animations where the rough drawings were done in non-photo blue, and cleaned up in lead.
  • an edge cleanup tool for animations that are scanned from pencil drawings. Aimed at animations that were scanned in grayscale,  or have already had the blue removed, and still need some faint rouph  drawing lines removed.

  • 32-bit support for the bmp loader in the timeline, which previously lacked it.
  • a new Sharpening filter with detail- and color-count reduction effect:  maXsharpen
max origmax2max max'ed
from original through regular sharpen, to new maxSharpen (click image)

Another example:   (click to enlarge)

  • VBTablet.dll - Included the tablet drivers for pressure support, that were accidentally ommited in the last build. Read this if you stay with 3.1
  • Updated the Timosoft Treeview browser control to build #627, to address a filesystem issue. Thanks Timo!
  • Switched to the latest build of Image Magick for more robust file support  and fixes. You guys are awesome!
  • An additional menu item in the Artistic Filters submenu will show up if the 3rd party plugin 'Gertrudis' is installed.
  • Saving an image sequence (animation or animated brush) now checks if a base filename already contains a numeric component, and offers to maintain or replace it. In the past it just replaced it.
  • A bit is now set in targa files saved indicating what type of data in the alpha channel.

  • Pressing 'Play' while an animation was already playing could corrupt a frame.
  • The thumbnails on the browser would render with black pixels because of an errant transparency bit.
  • Fixed an issue with playing back brushtrokes that were recorded with mouse Splining on.
  • The final brushstroke was not imterpolated when using splines. It is now.
  • A few other minor issues 

Installation of the Update Patch
The 3.1a patch is a free update for users of version 3.0 or 3.1:
You need PD Pro 3.0 or 3.1 pre-installed before applying the 3.1a patch.

You can get the free 3.1a patch here:    > Patches <