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Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro 3...

The PD Pro 3.2 Update

Flying faster and higher !...

Overview of version 3.2  - What's New with Project Dogwaffle?

A major Milestone... We're happy to announce that we have made a deal with Fasttrak Software publishing in the UK ( to bring PD Pro and Project Dogwaffle to stores in boxed retail packages. Our very first boxed, retail edition. The future looks bright for artists in need of affordable tools to support their creativity! Champagne ... er, lemonade please!

Another main goal of this release is to deliver on the promise of realtime performance. The
update is a broad one, with code throughout the application receiving speed optimization. The undo system, screen refresh and alpha blending, as well as dozens of individual features have been updated or completely re-written. In one case, a filter (the color replacer) was rewritten 5 times before it was fast enouph. Many filters are being 'realtimed' in this manner. The brush system feels much faster too with most built-in brushes. Perhaps the only drawback with all this good news  is that we may have reached a point where the bottleneck is shifted back on your creative thought process ;-)   hah!  just kidding!......

Thanks for painting, and thanks for waffling!

-Dan & Philip

New Features    
  • Added a halftone filter. Read FAQ info too for more on dithering and halftoning
  • There's a new gain control for optipustics to control the brightness of  particles.
  • Using Caps lock now switches to secondary color (erase).
  • Added capslock warning to title bar string.
  • Windows snapping makes it easier to lay out panels.
  • Added mouse wheel support for zooming
  • and there's also an option to use the middle mouse button to scroll instead of zooming (see Prefs)
  • Files that are associated will now open the program properly. 
  • LYR (layered) files are associated when program is first run.
  • Home key to center the image
  • There are some keyboard changes.  CTRL c and v now copy and paste a brush.  Alt c and v now copy and paste the buffer.  Ctrl B now picks up the buffer as a custom brush.
  • You can now load a lyr file when using 'files of types' of all types, as well as layered object type only.
  • RYB mixer acts like a regular panel now.  Saves its settings.
  • Implemented some menus for "Clear selected" and added a clear under the animation menu.
  • A menu item is created if Martin Writes multi print plugin is installed
  • The twist filter is re-implemented and realtimed and has gained new controls.
  • other tools are being real-timed. expect more.

Updated/Improved (oh yeah!)
  • The Mosaic and Quilt plugins are integrated and realtimed.
  • The Halftone filter is realtimed, and integrated.
  • Color and value noise are faster with alpha.
  • many features may experience speedups, including plasma noise, dreadhul, bumpytoy, etc.
  • Added 'Old Film look' filter in the timeline editor.
  • Added a couple of new papers textures
  • Media manager is internalized and acts like a regular panel
  • You can also save animated brushes in the media manager (!)
  • Double/half on the buffer resize panel.
  • Updated tooltips.
  • Made panels more uniform and consistent.
  • added 'Home' key shortcut to center the image at current scale
  • Removed close button on panels, as it was something of a throwback.  Now in favor of control box close buttons.
  • Made some brush speed optimizations. In some cases the difference in performance is significant, for internal brushes, with and without alpha, paper texture, and bump, but not  including paint modes other than default. Try optipustics with Brush style and use for example a medium size airbrush. What a difference in speed!
  • Scrolling and zooming should be significantly sped up on large images. particularly when zooming.

Bugfixes. (ahem...bugs? what bugs?)

  • Addressed issues with open dialog not sticking to main buffer.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on internal brushes on the internal brush panel did not activate the internal brush icon.
  • Addressed issues with open dialog not sticking to main buffer.
  • Fixed spelling of 'distribution' on the starfield filter and 'mirage' on the timeline.
  • The color adjust filter might have skipped the last few pixels.
we may have forgotten a few more. We're not getting younger, you know.

the new paper tools:

the new, ultra-fast Twirl transform filter:

Installation of the Update Patch
The 3.2 patch is a free update for users of version 3.0, 3.1 or 3.1a: You just need a legitimate installation of v3.x before applying the 3.2 patch. This can of course also be from an upgrade to v3 applied from v2.  See the sales page for other options.

You will be able to get the free 3.2  patch here:     > Patches <