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What's new in v3.7 ?

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What's new in 3.7 --

A common technique:
using the Mosaic Filter
using the mosaic filter to make a color palette

Mosaic Filter & Color Picker Mode in Stored Image
mosaic filter and color picker mode tutorial
  • Menu and GUI changes for better clarity.
  • The Buffer menu is now renamed the Image menu, with additional tweaks throughout the program.
  • New Feature:  enhanced store image (formerly store buffer) plugin: a new checkbox was added to put the stored image into a color-picker mode. This allows for easy selection of colors from a reference picture by simply clicking or dragging in that stored image's thumbnail (which is fully resizeable).
  • The sunset and fog filter are faster and now have option panels.
  • The wave displace filter is updated, much(!) faster.
  • Brush smear mode is calculated internally at a higher prescision to help avoid buildup of integer rounding errors. 
  • Using the + key can no longer exceed the max size of an internal brush.
  • Filters that had an 'Apply' button have been made more consistent with other filters.
  • Faster Fisheye Filter.
  • Updated Spherize, Isometric, Weave plugins.
  • Fixed: Items on the Image menu (formerly Buffer menu) didn't refresh the filmstrip properly when applied to an animation.

  • Fixed: The Browser could not load thumbnails for images containing spaces in the filename.

Minor changes to:
  • buffer paste from clipboard plugin
  • Image size and crop panels.
  • Prefs panel in File menu renamed (now named Settings).

Recent third-party updates (not included with the 3.7 updater, but available elsewhere)
  • A Dogweaver plugin was released by Boris Eyrich for Artweaver, so that users of Artweaver can also send images to and from Dogwaffle, including from layers.

new feature in stored image:
Color Picker Mode

while in color picker mode, clicking inside the stored thumbnail picks the color rather than replacing the image with the stored one.

the much faster
Wave Displace Filter

Download and Installation

The 3.7 update is a free update patch for legitimate users of prior PD Pro 3.x versions.

It is available in the patches area