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What's New?

in PD, PD Pro, PD Howler, PD Artist, PD Particles 

 PD Pro - Artist
                                          edition - just paint!PD Pro, Howler edition -
                                          paint and animate!
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Welcome to the historical documents: a snapshot view of the past releases of Project Dogwaffle from whenever we remember it.


May/June/... 2023
PD Howler 2024 (v17) new!

July 2022-2023 PD Artist 2023 (v16)
Late Spring 2022-2023
PD Howler 2023 (v16)

PD Artist 2022
Spring / Summer 2021
PD Howler 2022 (v15)

October 2020
PD Artist 2021 (v14) 
July 2020
PD Howler 2021 (v14)  - this one is also on Steam!

August 2019
Artist 2020 aka version 13
August 2019
Howler 2020 aka version 13

Late Fall 2018
Howler 2019 aka version 12
(with numerous updates through the Winter and Spring.)

Late Summer 2018
Howler and Artist version 11.4 - Plushy whales and snow cones
Summer 2018
Howler version 11.3 (RC119) - Look what the tide brought in!
Spring 2018
Howler 11.2c rc107-109
Dec. 2017
Howler 11.2b - still on a feeding frenzy
Nov. 2017
Howler 11.2 - Feeding Frenzy
Fall 2017
PD Howler and PD Artist 11.1 Update #2 - Tide Pool
Summer 2017
PD Artist 11.1 - Summer Splash continues
July  2017
PD Howler 11.1 - Summer Splash! the free update for v11
Spring 2017
PD Artist 11 - more Axehead
Febr. 2017 PD Howler 11 RC17 - Hello "Axehead"

Early 2016 PD Artist 10 (codename: Forward undo ten) - plus a few updates. RC33 in general, RC35 on Steam
January 2016
PD Howler 10 (codename: Forward undo ten) - plus a few updates. RC33 in general, RC35 on Steam

May 2015
PD Particles 9 (aka Particle9, it's elementary! codename: from outer space) - just for painting
Febr. 2015 What's new in Howler 9.6 (codename: Keep it clean) - also on Steam!
Sept. 2014 What's new in Howler 9.5 (codename: purely ballistic)

May 2014 what's new in Howler 9.2c
Apr 2014 what's new in Howler 9.2b
Mar 2014
what's new in Howler 9.2 (codename: World's cutest t-rex)
Jan 2014
what's new in Howler 9.1 (codename: Not a Carrot)
Fall 2013
what's new in Howler 9    (codename: Fly in the Ointment)

Mar. 2013
what's new in Artist 8.2  (codename: Skyock's Egret for PD Artist)
Febr. 2013 what's new in PD Pro 8.2 (codename: Skyock's Egret for PD Howler)
Sept. 2012 what's new in PD Pro 8.1 (codename: Oh Sassy!)
July 2012 what's new in PD Pro 8.0 (codename: Broomhead)

Mar. 2012 what's new in PD Pro 7.2 
Jan. 2012 what's new in PD Pro 7.1 
Dec. 2011 what's new in PD Pro 7 Howler 

Aug. 2011 what's new in PD Pro 6 Artist (PD Artist 2) 
May 2011
what's new in PD Pro 6 Howler (PD Howler 1.0) 

what's new in PD Pro 5.1b
what's new in PD Pro 5.1
Fall 2010
what's new in PD Pro 5

May 2007
what's new in PD Pro 4.1

what's new in PD Pro 4.0c

what's new in PD Pro 4.0b

what's new in PD Pro 4.0a
Oct 2006
what's new in PD Pro 4.0

June 2006
what's new in PD Pro 3.7

what's new in PD Pro 3.6

what's new in PD Pro 3.5

what's new in PD Pro 3.2

what's new in PD Pro 3.1a

what's new in PD Pro 3.1
Febr. 2005
what's new in PD Pro 3.0

Aug. 2004
what's new in PD 2.1b

what's new in PD 2.1a

what's new in PD 2.1

what's new in PD 2.0d

what's new in PD 2.0c

what's new in PD 2.0b
Jan. 2004
what's new in PD 2.0

July 2003
what's new in PD 1.6
Fall 2002
what's new in PD 1.5
Summer '02
what's new in PD 1.15 - scroll to the very bottom of this page
Fall 2001(?)
what's new in PD 1.0 - scroll to the very bottom of this page

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PD Artist?

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Project Dogwaffle
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PD  Howler
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  Ready to Howl? Check out PD Howler 1.0
  (PD Pro 6 Howler edition)

  The next generation of Project Dogwaffle is here!

 PD Howler is made by an artist for professionals alike.

on DropBox
gallery of images

Note: these are in most cases not created by Philip, they are simply presented on Philip's Dropbox gallery. If you seek permission to re-use some images please contact us.

  PD Pro 5.1b 

    the latest and greatest for v5

take a peek at
                        what's coming with PD Pro 5.1

    PD Pro 5.1 
the holy grail of making patterns & textures - learn more

View the Slideshow of PD Pro 5 artwork and screenshots

    The Newest version is here!

    PD Pro 5 -
   Refreshing Digital Painting

        Doggybag #5, free plugins for PD Pro 4

from 2D to 3D in just seconds!
                                        realistic textured 3D models in
Just trace an outline and see it automagically turn into fully textured 3D shapes for Second Life, Google Sketchup / Google Earth, Direct X & Games, Wavefront OBJ and other popular 3D file formats!

simply trace a shape from a
                                    backdrop image, and see it turn into
rapid 3D model creation and prototyping from mere images - for 3D content creation, games, IM Avatars, SL models, 3D illustration in Photoshop(R) and more
New! now also for Mac!

the PD Particles 1.1 update patch is free for users of v1.0 / 1.0a
created with the new GraphicPen filter:

 New! October 2008:
  PD Particles 1.1

Great update for digital painting and turning your digital photos into art. Great tools also added in cooltools panel for alpha control, useful for game developers creating foliage with particle brushes!
  • Penny Paint 1.1 plugin included
  • Art filter:  Graphic Pen effects
  • Alpha tools from CoolTools
  • Plasma noise for space art (cosmic clouds)
  • Photographic filter: Fog
  • Sharpen filter: Max Sharpen
  • more undo memory allocated
  • improved tooltips

September 2008:
Penny Paint v1.1

Penny Paint 1.1 Now available !
"the paint program within your paint program" (tm)
Penny paint is a Spline based drawing engine specially made for cartoonists and comics / anime artists with a fast hand. It's available as a free plugin for various versions of Project Dogwaffle

A dream come true for DJ's and VJ's in need of painting and animating their own music videos... 

Add phenomenal visual effects to your clips!

PD Pro

Beyond the static image, beyond the smeary look of natural media ... beyond plain old digital painting

there's digital waffling!

now available!

New features coming with this update are raising the level of capabilities for PD Pro to create Holywood-style special FX. Use it as a companion to your video editing tools, your graphic arts tools, and with 3D and game creation tools  for example to create new backgrounds: 

PD Pro 4 users:
get the free patch



April 2007

  • Large addressing: PD Pro was built with large addressing flags to enable working with very large images. 
  • Marching Ants visibility along selection boundaries can be toggled on/off. 
  • fixed a bug in the Feather plugin
     more details > here


see tutorials



March 2007

    a free update patch for users of 4.0 / 4.0a
  • Palette from buffer plugin enhanced
  • 2 more filters explicitly multithreaded
  • Fixed bugs in 'Composite with Image Sequence'
  • Snowfall filter now also has a value slider
  • particle brushes in 'Brush' style works with zoom
     more details > here

CoolTools #1
for PD Particles

March 2007

a free collection of five plugins to enhance the capabilities of PD Particles 1:
  • store image
  • store alpha buffer
  • grow alpha
  • shrink alpha
  • paint on apha
  more details > here

for Dogwaffle
to Artweaver

Nov. 2006

free plugin for Project Dogwaffle, PD Artist, PD Pro: 

- import Artweaver file
- export Artweaver file

tutorial on Pigment Profiles,
new in v4

PDpro 4.0a

Nov. 2006

free patch for 4.0 users:

- red-eye removal
- fix for layers on multi-core systems
- faster layer blending
- menu integration of DoggyFX video plugins
- a new tutorial: Pigment Profiles

also recent:

a free Lua script for
polar mapping correction
(for 3D spherical projections without the pinching at the poles)

October 2006:

PD Pro v4.0

August 2006:

PD Artist 1.0

August 2006:

PD Particles

Digital Painting has never been so much fun!

the color picker mode on stored

June 2006:
PD Pro 3.7

read the press release

- color picker on stored image
- interface improvements
- speed improvements
- new filters
- bug fixes
- tweaks and more...


image courtesy Martin Duerr,

Febr. 2006:
PD Pro 3.6

a free update for legitimate users of PD Pro 3.5 and Project Dogwaffle professional

the Producttivity Release:

  1. dual monitor support (!)
  2. improved animation brush keyframer
  3. motion tracking (!)
  4. powerful new browser features
  5. new art filters
  and lots more...

 > read the press release

October 2005:
PD Pro 3.5

(The real-time release!)

Many new features and improvements:
  • Force fields for particles
  • Alpha channel on particles
  • more Lua scripting tools
  • new MMX optimizations(!), for increased speed and realtime filters!
read the Press release

great for game developers!

August 2005:
Doggybag #4
Five new free plugins for Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro:
set-wallpaper, color channels, Lua browser, KeyFeather (brush), and Premultiply edges of selection for better compositing.

Multiprint plugin

Multi-Print plugin
for Dogwaffle and PD Pro:

Print layout control !

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to stay informed?

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another free update
patch for PD Pro:

 PD Pro 3.2

Anime and more

PD Pro 3.1a
Update patch
free (for 3.x users)
Martin Duerr's
                                    Cybersign Skull
fantasy and concept art

Gertrudis plugin

Art FX Plugin

turn photos into art!

April 2005 - Doggybag #3 :

Spherize plugin for Project Dogwaffle 1.2

the spherize tool at work
create space art

April 2005 -

PD Pro Digital Painter  v3.1

the batch processor

New User's Guide Documentation:

PD Help
available for online viewing
or for downloading as a zip file

[more help]

Dogwaffle 3
PD Pro is Dogwaffle 3

February 2005 - a major new release:

PD Pro Digital Painter v3.0
 upgrade from v2 or bundled with v2

- what's new

- Feature List 
- Order here
- Press Release
- PD Help

- Reviews!

November 2004 - Dan Ritchie's
Tutorial Collection #2 :

The Art of Project Dogwaffle

available on CD or as download.

more details? click  here

August 8, just in time for Siggraph!

the free 2.1b update
new plugins and content:
 - more mediapedia content
 - system color selector
 - Seamless Plus (!)
 - New Buffer from Clipboard (!)

Plus, new tutorials!

seamless textures
the red yellow blue color mixer
July 11, 2004...

a RYB (Red-Yellow-Blue) Color Mixer
for Project Dogwaffle
[click here for details]

July 2004 - Dan's done it again!

The free 2.1a patch and additional plugins!
The Brush timeline editor is here!

Check the new free video demo tutorials too!

free paint and animation
July 4 - Happy Birthday America!
The new Free Version is here - Dan's gift to all artists:
Project Dogwaffle 1.2 
(replaces the old free v1.11b)

learn more: 
press release | details

May 2004 -  awesome!

The 2.1 Update is here

Say hello to the Penny plugin, the Brush Keyframer, an improved Exposure Sheet, improved animation Timeline editor, new presets for fractal particle brushes (optipustics), and more...

and it's free to users of v2.0 full versions!

the Mouth plugin for lip synching

April 2004 -

The 2.0d patch - click here

- Mouth lip sync plugin for  animators
- RAW formats
- sorting of color palettes

new ways to build color palettes:
 sorting the color wells by value, by hue and by saturation

Tutorial CD 1
March 2004 -

Tutorial Collection #1

"Discovering Project Dogwaffle"

free samples here

copyright 2004 - CeD

March 2004 -

The 2.0c patch is here!

just because...
                                by nBT
"you know, I'm really really fast now"
Chameleon copyright (c) nBT

February 2004 -

the 2.0b Patch is here !

  • more speed for your old computer
  • mouse caching
  • new plugins
  • bug fixes

fish by nBT

January 2004 - It's here!  a new major release:
Project Dogwaffle v2.0  is here!

    • layers and much more.
flashback: This was the early announcement in late 2003:
Coming soon to a PC near you...
Dogwaffle v2 - the Sneak Previews

  • Doggybag #2 - the free Thanksgiving (November 2003) Patch
    • save animation to avi
    • import avi animation
    • patterns manager for brushes and paper textures

Note: This patch is for v1.6 and a few earlier versions.
If you have v2 you already have it.

Santa by
snow fx by doggybag 1
Santa by
(with Amapi & Poser)
    • animation timeline editor
    • fx brush
    • custom and animated brush manager
    • pumpkins
    • updated docs

Note: This patch is for v1.6 and a few earlier versions.
If you have v2 you already have it.

animated brush in v1.6
v1.6 - (released in July 2003)
The Performance Boost Release

[ v1.5 was released late Fall 2002 ]

  • What was new in 1.15 ? [ v1.15 was released late Summer 2002 ]

 - Added simple self executing extraction and installation.
 - New prefereces system allows changes to Dogwaffle's visual
   appearance and startup  options.
 - New 'Startup' plugins allow plugins to be started automatically.
 - Added the ability to bypass the size requester at startup.
 - Dogwaffle now remembers the position of tool panels.
 - Improved visual appearance.
 - Added plugins to load new paper textures and scale the alpha channel.
 - More professional 'Adjust Value' filter and it no longer clips the histogram.
 - Improved 'Dreadhull' filter with weathering.
 - Reduced executable size.
 - Dozens of tweeks, prods and improvements.
 - Several new plugin commands.
 - Crash when resizing an image and then working with several
   different filters has been fixed.
 - Several other potential crashes fixed.
 - Added content to the CD, Brushes, Textures, examples.
 - New setting files are available for download inluding  
   gradients and lens flares.

  • What was new in v1.0 ?

- Improved interface.
- Controls are rendered with a clean new look.
- Improvements in usability.
- New cool looking stuff.
- More Speed.
- More interactive filters.
- Better perfrormance with many of the painting tools.
- Overall improvements.
- Animation.
- Create and paint on animations.
- Add and delete frames and save sequences.
- Play animations without building a preview.
- New and improved filters and plugins.
- Plugins for color and well management.
- Improved zoom blur and spherize plugins.
- Better looking plasma filter.
- New filters.
- Particle system.
- Paint or animate with particles.
- Use lines or the current natural brush.
- And lots more...
- Improved resampling.
- Drag or nudge the alpha channel on the fly.

do you remember the  earlier versions: 1.09, ....  and the spooky edition Halloween 2001 (with scary sounds and occasional spills you couldn't undo!)