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Project Dogwaffle EULA

Fast Digital Painting and Animation powered by Project Dogwaffle

paint                                  and visual effectspaint                                  and visual effects
just Paint the music of Project Dogwaffle

This is the EULA (End User License Agreement) for Project Dogwaffle. Please read it. It describes the conditions under which you may use Project Dogwaffle.


While we go to great length to ensure that our software operates smoothly and without problem, it is impossible to guarantee complete, bug free operation in a system as complex as modern computer architectures. It is possible that this software may not be 100% free of bugs. You should have mostly great experiences with it, but on occasion, your computer, your copy of Windows, your antivirus, your actions, or our software, may interfere. It may crash the software. Howler supports multi-threaded modules, GDI+, SSE2, MMX, .Net Framework, COM, the GPU and has over 10,000 controls and more than half a million lines of code developed over 18 years... This is not a simple bit of code. Mistakes may be made and limits may be reached.

Therefore, no warranties whatsoever are intended, neither expressed or implied, nothing of the sort is hereby given for anything provided by Project Dogwaffle, Howler, or, Daniel Ritchie or Phillip Staiger. All software is supplied as is, for use only as intended and at your own risk, without any accompanying guarantee, whether expressly mentioned, implied or assumed by anyone. The user assumes all responsibility for damages resulting from the use of the software, including anything imaginable and in fact even anything not imaginable, whether in the past, present or future.


 End User License Agreement (EULA)

This describes your rights with the handling and use of the software. The software is also known as PD Howler or simply Howler, or PD Artist, or PD Particles, and is built on and derived from Project Dogwaffle, by Dan Ritchie. The legal owner and copyright holder of the software can be contacted at or

The software license is a family license. In other words, you can use it, the kids can use it, and the dog can use it, but the neighbor dog can't use it, within limitations as described below.

This software is licensed to you, not sold with transfer of legal copyright ownership. We give permission for you, a human being residing on planet Earth to use it for painting, animating, file conversions and a variety of related activities for which this software was intended to be used. We allow you to do so not just on one particular computer. If you own several computers, feel free to install on several computers that you legally own and intend to keep owning. For example, you may have a desktop and a laptop at home. You may install on either, or both. If you presently own computers that you are preparing for selling to others, you may not install the software on those computers. If you wish to distribute the software with the computers you resell, you will want to obtain a re-seller license agreement, so please contact us. With regards to this regular end user license agreement, you may not leave the software on a computer that you currently own if within 3 years you intend to sell the computer to somebody else. If you do, you must uninstall the software from such computer before handing the sold computer over to the new owner.

The software is licensed to you for perpetual use. We do not however guarantee or promise to support it for eternity. 

The software is provided as is, without warranties or promises of proper and intended functioning, nor of merchantability. It also comes already activated. No activation is needed. If there is no serial number or activation key, it's because none is needed. You are not allowed to install it on other people's computers, unless those other people are in the immediate family and under the age of 21. 

If you wish to deploy Project Dogwaffle on a group of computers or on a network, such as for school lab deployment, this requires a site license. Please contact us at

You are the licensee of this product, not the owner of the code. As such, you are expect to safeguard the software from fraudulent use by others. Do not distribute copies of it or its installers, or resell this product. This includes not posting it on publicly accessible sites, forums and other storage systems, such as the cloud, shared folders or pirate bays, or file-sharing.

We have free version of our software, if you can't afford our very low pricing model, don't hesitate to please ask us for assistance. We can point you to a legitimate free version. It may not be the very latest but it is great nonetheless and probably rich enough in features that it may take you months or years to explore all of its features.

When you buy a license, you buy only the right to use it in the way it was intended. You may create artwork or create animations, images, brushes, and save them, and use the created artwork in personal and commercial ways. For example, you may sell for profit the artwork that you created with it, as long as it is significantly different from the resources (such as textures and brush images) that were used to make the artwork and that came with the software.

Examples: you may find cartoon images of 3D rendered brush images. You may not redistribute these without first obtaining written permission from the author or copyright owners. You may however use them in your own artwork, and sell or redistribute that, as long as the original artwork can not be simply or easily separated back out of your artwork. In essence: do not redistribute the assets that came with the software. But feel free to use the assets in legitimate creation of new artwork that is significantly different from the assets.

This shouldn't be difficult. But in case of doubt, contact us and ask. We are here to help you use the software in the intended ways when possible. We like to make the software work for our own gratification too, and we are interested in hearing from you both when you have some happy moments with it you wish to share, such as showing artwork that is work in progress or finished, as well as when you run into problems and unexpected behavior. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you're happy with it. Ditto when you're not happy or frustrated or feel like you've lost time and money over it. We'd like to know how we can make it better.

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