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Meet game developers
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Tools for Making Games
with a big passion, on a small budget

Steamrobin, Art Director for your
                        Game Projects


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Do you see the 3D world around you...
in curves, sections and profiles?

Or is it just a


Either way:

Create 3D Models
naturally, quickly,
effortlessly, and have fun with it too:

Curvy 3D

Because your mom was wrong: not all curvy things are dangerous

Curvy 3D is from the maker of Aartform Games

Curvy 3D for Windows also supports a connector to Project Dogwaffle.

Quick! there's no time to waste!

Do you like to create games? Then you also like to play them, for sure.

Here is one that was created by Dan Ritchie:

Scorpion X7 Blaster, the game

ok, now how about you, and your games?

If you are on Steam, you may already know that PD Howler is on Steam too.
But how about game dev systems, game engines, etc...?

Looking for a way to make games? Interactive Apps for mobile devices? Simple or not-so-simple tools and utilities to complement your digital life? Or are you a girl who subscribes to the notion that being a programmer is the new geek and nursing is for dudes?

Welcome on board!
Here are some products and sites that may help you make games, or them get over it.

Need to create nature backdrops but don't have the talent to do the full matte painting?

Try PD Howler with it's 3D Designer

a little 3D help won't hurt you!

PD Howler is now also on Steam!


HOT! The new kid on the block:

open source game engine

Banshee 3D - an Open Source Game Engine

Freakin' awesome!

Developing for Unity 4? Need extra help?
Try agfPro, by Axis Game Factory

This is what it's all about. Like when you played with plastic or wooden blocks as a kid:
build it up, then have fun and shoot it down.

AGF PRO v01.0 is a comprehensive toolset designed to provide game developers with a powerful and rapid level creation, terrain/vegetation editing, lighting and atmosphere system.
AGF is a standalone product, designed to work in concert with the Free and Pro versions of the Unity 4 game engine. AGF PROv01.0 runs on the PC, MAC and Linux systems.

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Wogademo - World Game
                                    Development Month

Need sound FX and epic music for your game?

  See our game Music Resources too!

  • Cosmigo Pro Motion great !!! - a great image editor / animation tool for game dev. Great companion to Project Dogwaffle too (shares similar concepts such as Swap buffer). We use it to make perfect icons for PD Pro Howler.
  • GameMaker, very cool !!! by Mark Overmars (now at Yoyogames) A great way for kids (of all ages!) to learn game programing... without programming :-) Now also the HTML5 edition and more!
  • GL Basic    Multi-platform development with BASIC and OpenGL
  • DrPetter - HOT! ....and he also makes Sculptris, a free 3D sculpting tools, and various other amazing tools for content creation in games, including sound FX and music generators. Free stuff, awesome stuff!
  • Bullet Physics  an impressive softbody dynamics engine, seen in games, 3D animation and movies. Look for it also in Carrara 8 
  • Torque3D by GarageGames (aka Instant Action)... ever saw it on XBOX? It poweres some of the free Arcade games included with the XBOX 360....   includes options for publishing to iOS and more!
    • 2D, and also with Torque3D!
    • Great sample games: some as seen on XBOX 360 (!) - Check also the fun 3D social networking world, loaded with games too:
  • 3impact, a dynamics-enabled game engine
This game development system also supports scripting with LUA(!)
  • the CSP Game engine - a 1st person shooter perspective  engine - awesome foliage and much more. If you're into creating FPS games, you've gotta check this one out!
  • OGRE - this is another awesome, high-quality game engine. You've gotta check this mone out!
  • - check out their awesome tree system! made for Ogre.
  • Awakening, by Awing Soft: a 3D authoring tool wth Lua scripting, atmospherics and lots of features for web3D publishing and game creation too
  • Unity3D, powerful pro game engine for the Mac & iPhone (PC too? - check their website)
  • DarkBasic  HOT! - from the Game Creators, and it's also what powers the A.G.K. (in addition to C++ )
  • FPS Creator - First PErson Shooter creator, no programing required

If you're looking for virtual worlds, where you can make content and contribute or sell your items, check

Need a modeler make sculpties for Second Life?  Try Curvy 3D or Archipelis Designer

Sound FX? Music Loops? Epic Audio?

PD MUSIC - The Music of Project Dogwaffle is here!

freshly squeezed samples

cool! The amazingly relaxing and transcendental music of
eMaya, by Jose Luis Suazo
including music for fantasy games!

                      - great loops for your muic


more music we like

How about some tools to make your own?

You know the saying: if you want it done right, you've got to do it yourself!

Music and Sound tools by DrPetter

Die Vokalmaschine

Spectral morphing resynthesis

The Ocean of Sound
(or is it the Sound of Oceans?)


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