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PD Pro Howler 10

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                                  Howler also supports animation &
digital painting has never been so much fun

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PD Howler 9.6

Beyond frozen mountain scenes & concept art. Welcome to the new PD Howler 10.

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paint particle foliage brushes, 3D from elevation maps, visual effects, animation, video tools

If you own a prior version such as PD Howler 9.x, 8.x or earlier, or even PD Artist and PD Particles, we have discounts waiting for you for upgrading and side-grading.... See pricing and place your order here.



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What is PD Artist?

Main Features of PD Howler

What's New in Howler version 10? 

Update 1 - RC26 

Update 2 - RC30

Update 3 - RC33

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What is PD Howler 10?

PD Howler is the top edition of Project Dogwaffle, which is software created by an artist, and made for artists. Project Dogwaffle runs on PCs and tablets with Microsoft Windows, and is made for digital painting AND animating. You'll find many predefined brushes, and many more ways to customize or make your own, from simple brushes with single image stamps to multi-frame animated brushes, particle brushes, bristle brushes and exotic foliage brushes, to name a few.

You can load a video clip or image sequence into the brush, and paint it across the frames of another video. PD Howler also supports various tools for compositing multiple video clips, adding slow-motion with motion estimation, and applying lots of filters and special effects to still images or animations. There are also a number of great 3D capabilities, such as to create realistic landscape, mountains and valleys, which you might use as a basis to paint over them as well. It's a great tool to discover your inner artist. It's useful for content creation in games, videos, illustrations and other types of graphic works, or just to dibble dabble away and spend some time with colors and pixels, to marvel at the beautiful side of technology. It's come a long way. Dogwaffle uses the GPU, GDI+, SSE2, multi-threading...

But let's not forget: In the end, it's just a tool. How you use it, that's what ultimately turns it into an artist's tool.

Who Uses PD Howler?

Using PD Howler for creating Pop Art:

You will find good uses for Project Dogwaffle in many workflows and environments. Whether you're a retiree wanting to dabble with paints, without the funny fumes and occasional spills, or you're a book illustrator, a game designer, special FX animator, 3D modeler or animator, landscaper or in any other situation where you're dealing with pixels, graphics, colors, motion and shapes, there's a good chance that you'll find a place for Dogwaffle in your pipeline, among other tools in your bag of tricks.

Here are some examples. You can easily find many more in the DOTM section: the Dogwaffler of the Moment.
And be sure also to check the Newsletter, in which you'll learn about new users, new features, new possibilities.

Using PD Howler for Abstract Digital Art

Creating Cover Art for various Music CDs:

Space between Whispers

Using PD Howler for Illstrations and Web Designs

Using Howler to record your imagination, memories and visions of mother nature, or to get away from it all.

Using PD Howler for Animation and Music Videos:

green alien by                  Dale Hemenway
Using PD Howler for Game Content Creation:

Using PD Howler for Digital Fine Art:

kitty with                  howler and jwildfire
Creating artwork for Children's books:

Tillie Tuppet is                  blowing bubbles