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 new in PD Howler version 11:

Worley Noise

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The Worley Noise filter was first introduced in the summer of 2016 as a free plugin. If you are using earlier version of Dogwaffle, before v11, you can still find it here.
As a reminder, here are some examples of what can be created with it.

Now we have it fully integrated, with additional features and support for animation.

To access the Worley noise filter, go to Filter > Render > Worley noise...

The Scale value changes the size of the waves.

Inverting and using higher number of Octaves gives it almost a molecular appearance. Try that for new, fancy backgrounds of alien organic lifeforms.

The Crystalline mode is equally tantalizing. Great to make patches of rocky textures.

Of course you can render these thereafter in Puppy Ray too... in this example with the "Tek" bump map:

You can also Animate it. Worley Noise will ask for a Speed control value. The waves will then appear to be moving slower or faster depending on that value. It makes a great starting point for fiery plasma clouds that move erratically, with lightning.

Once you have rendered an animated Worley Noise, there's no limit to where to take it next. Make it seamless, loopable, and render it animated in Puppy Ray, for example. Add a parallel version with coloring for the texture map in the Swap buffer... Great for stormy seas!

Here is a video that shows what this might look like, in its raw rendering as well as with additional post work to add a lensflare over the visible Sun, which can be tracked in the Timeline editor.

Animated Worley noise rendered in Puppy Ray - stormy seas