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 Project Dogwaffle, Howler Edition - Axehead:
 How to Update to v11.1

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      Many roads lead to Rome

Depending on where you bought your PD Howler 11 (RC16 or RC17),
you may have several options on how to obtain v11.1 (RC53)

NEW! We have added another update option - The do-it-yourself approach:  free for legitimate users of v11

So.... ask yourself:  Where did you buy it?

- Dan Ritchie's Squirreldome and his Paypal store?

If you ordered directly from the author, Dan Ritchie, and paid through Paypal or similar but essentially received a direct link for downloading via dropbox or similar, you will want to contact Dan for a new link. Don't do it just yet, as he is in the process of sending out emails to all his clients on record that he has catered to in this manner. It is possible that your email is on its way already, or did you also check your spam box?

Note that Dan has offered Dogwaffle on more than one payment platforms, including PayPal for order payment and Dropbox for delivery. Be sure to clarify what yours looks like, include a receipt or invoice if you can. Also consider a screenshot of Help > About... to show exactly which version you run.

Would you like to know more?

-'s bmtmicro store?

If you ordered from Philip Staiger's store at bmtmicro after following a link from's sales pages, you have several options:

  • the links from your original delivery of v11 should still normally work. Try them again. Find the old email from bmtmicro's delivery. Try it. If the link has expired, let us (Philip) know.
  • if the links don't work any more there may ve several reasons. Contact Philip ( or contact Support at bmtmicro, especially if your email address has changed since you received v11, because we can't change that info on your records with bmtmico. No need to waste Dan's time with it, we want him to relax, enjoy the rewards of his coding odyssey,  and stay cool and then go back to coding even more fun magic stuff.

So, essentially, if you're using v11 from an installation that you received through the bmtmicro store, you can just re-use the same download link. Note that you are allowed up to 10 downloads. DO NOT USE DOWNLOAD ACCELERATORS, because they often or usually immediately run 10+ parallel download threads. Also, avoid downloading it from a very different location (such as a friend's house or while travelling elsewhere). Bmtmicro will think you're giving it away, in breach of agreement, and will block the link.

I can re-enable it in some cases. Don't hesitate to ask me, Philip.

If you are in a hurry, send us a screenshot of the current running version (in the Help > About splash screen view) and/or a receipt or invoice from bmtmicro. This will make it faster for us to locate you.

Learn more about

- Steam?

Patience is a virtue. It will take a few weeks before we have the 11.1 release on Steam.
Then it should become automatically the version you use.

If you wish to switch to a non-Steam edition, you can order from Dan or Phil directly. See  for options by Dan, or for our options here.

Note that we have no idea who ordered it on Steam, they don't reveal the customer info to us. You'll want to show proof of your purchase.

Want to learn more about offering on Steam? Click here to read more

- DAZ 3D? Renderosity? Others?

We'd like to talk to you. V11 is not yet out on either - but it may come there soon.

Our distributor in England also may have sold you a copy, not only on Steam, but other online platforms too, or possibly a real store such as PC repair shop. If so, then that's Awesome. Tell us more. We're really happy to hear that.

New! How to Update it yourself

If you want to patch your currently installed v11.0 Howler, you can do so. It will turn into v11.1 (Summer Splas)
We have two parts, the main files (required), and Medias files (optional).

If you want to try this, click here for details on how to patch PD Howler v11 to v11.1