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 Project Dogwaffle, Howler Edition -  
 Version 11.1 Update 2
"Tide Pool"

digital painting has never been so much funPD                                  Howler also supports animation &                                  videoPD                                  Howler also supports animation &                                  video

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RC69 was a minor update in October 2017 with a few updates.

Here's a summary:
  • Made changes to remove our native threading system (which had scan-line problems when a lot(!) of threads were used) in favor of a newer library provided by Microsoft. 
  • There may be performance changes.  Saturation also has a new parameter.
  • Continued to fix issues related to a large number of threads: Fixed a scanline issue with the Posterize filter
  • The Shaggy star plugin is now internalized under Filters/Render/Shaggy Star thingy...  - should be faster
  • Added alpha support to the store image feature. When you restore a stored image with the Combine mode options, the current alpha channel is now used as a mask. This allows for more interesting compositing and combining.
Learn more about it here