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 Project Dogwaffle, Howler Edition
 Version 11.2

"Feeding Frenzy"

digital painting has never been
                                  so much funPD Howler also
                                  supports animation & videoPD Howler also supports animation
                                  & video

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Celebrating 20 years of Project Dogwaffle!

This is PD Howler version 11.2 - Feeding Frenzy!

                                                        celebrates 20
We had an update 11.1 with RC53 - Summer Splash

We had a recent update with RC69 - Tide Pool

What's new in RC84 - v11.2?
  • Brush stabilizer tool: improved and rewritten, smooths the motion of the pointer for better-looking brush strokes.
  • OBJ export: Saving objects (3D OBJ format) from 3D designer now exports a MTL file with texture images in various formats.
  • Post-Correction: now on Curves too, to change the appearance along the path with an envelope curve, and against a color gradient too!

Happy holidays, we hope you get to paint your best memories!

Going beyond v11.2:   we've had a few more updates. Look for example for v11.2c