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 new in version 11:
 How to Move a Curve

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The Curve tool can be used to create a curve. No surprises here.

The curve can be used to render a line along it, or a brush stroke with simulate tablet pressure, with most brushes applied to it.

The curve can also be used for tracking, masking, animated masking, rotoscoping and more. It's a sophisticated curve.

You can also store the curve, and get back to it later.

Now you can also move the curve.

Simply press and hold the SHIFT key down, and drag the current curve to a different location.

It's that easy.

Here's a short video showing the process of moving points.  (without the keyboard view)

Note that the video shown below is from a screen capture created very early in the development.

There are now curve handles. 
You can do free transform with curves. 
You can shift-select curve points. 
ou can also do those things with rotoscoping. 
Rotoscoping also has on-screen controls for keyframing.