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 new in PD Howler version 11:

A new Color Picker

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This is new for PD Howler, but it is not completely new to Project Dogwaffle. We had the same polor picker initially in PD Particles 9.
It just never made it into Howler before. Now it's finally here too.

This is known as the Floating color picker. From the Sidebar (which you may have on the right side or by default on the left side of the interface), find the Colors section.
It is located near the top of the sidebar, just below the Previews and Compact color picker.

Open the Color group, and click the Options pull-down, then select Open the floating color picker...

While you're at it, perhaps you'll find other interesting color pickers there. PD Howler offers many ways to let you choose and work with colors.

This new floating color picker can be resized to fit your needs in various screen resolutions.

Watch this video for a quick walk-through:
Howler 11- a new resizeable color picker