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What is Puppy Ray GPU?

We have some exciting new features in Puppy Ray, the GPU version. (no significant changes on the CPU version in this build)

Puppy ray could be considered a path tracer, but we prefer to call it a global illumination raystepper.  It has most of the qualities of a path tracer, except we also use dot-product lights.  When doing water, it acts more like a path tracer.

The waves on the water plane is done my modifying the surface normal.  Not technically a normal map.  Really just a bump map in the traditional sense.

The GPU version should utilize all available shader cores on your GPU.
If you have an Nvidia GTX 1080 or similar, bless your heart, we're jealous! Hundreds, or even thousands of cores, working in the spirit of Axehead - getting the job done faster!

 The thing with GPUs is that they work best when all the cores are doing the same thing.  This is difficult with path tracing, because the threads diverge quickly, so some may finish up before others.  Some renderers, such as Disney's Hyperion renderer ( solve the problem by sorting threads into more similar workloads. We solve the problem by splitting the image into tiles (probably what bucket rendering does)

New features in Puppy Ray 11 Axehead

Visible Sun

Improved rendering quality

standing water at ground level (for ocean, lakes, ponds,...)

Waves on water

Water in Puppyray

Bump maps

Refraction in water plane
Watch these introductory videos:

Learn more here too:

PuppyRay 11 - a First Look, Part1

PuppyRay 11 a First Look Part2

Here are a few early renderings. Some were early tests, your mileage may vary.