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 new Filter in PD Howler version 11:

Shape Bombing

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Since we developed a new API for v11, it is now easier to create new types of filters that render new types of graphic elements.

This filter is an incarnation of something that would have been a bit more difficult to implement in the past.

Shape bombing renders a blast of starry shapes with varying number of sides, sizes, and colors. It also offers two types of distributions. Plus, you can set their color to come from a range, wide or narrow, or pick the colors randomly from the current image.

An outline can also be enabled on each star.

Here are some examples, first in Dartboard mode (default):

Different Hue range:

Color from mage (which was blank white)

mode with different Shape count, Shape size and Image size:

On top of current image:

Combined with another new filter: Water drops, and some Mystic Vision post fx: