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What's new in
PD Pro 7.2

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New interface:
new user

Changing your
interface colors:


The new Motion
Prediction Module:

                prediction module

Animated Filter:
Apply Mirror

applying horizontal
                mirror (on vertical center line) to a road drive-through

So What's New in v7.2?

"codename: Hobs and Jills"

Here's a brief recap:
  • multi-monitor support
  • new user interface style and colors
  • motion prediction module
  • re-invented timeline editor
  • more options in 3D Designer animation
  • faster loading of image sequences
  • broader file format support for compositing
  • broader use of SSE2 and threading
  • more options in enhanced curve tool: B-Spline toggle

This release builds upon the 7.1 release which had a lot of new features for animators and video artists. PD Pro 7.2 adds the following new features. (more details for each of these coming soon)

  • Multi-monitor support is added. We now have support for multiple monitors.  Windows and controls now open and stay on the correct monitor See examples.

In this release we are also changing the way windows are "rescued" so they will stay on the monitor they were last used on, unless the monitor configuration changes.

There's also a new manual "Rescue window" option in the windows menu, for the first time one of those things gets lost off screen.

  • Changes in the Graphical User Interface. New icons, and a darker, more immersive GUI. You can select different color schemes to suit your preference. See examples | change colors  

  • The re-invented Timeline Editor.  reinvented timeline

    The time-line is re-imagined and re-implemented. It was always a powerful tool. Now it's a snap to work with. There are some new filters too. Compositing frame sequences now supports multiple file formats.

Easier to use and see what you get, much(!) faster rendering, with new filters and parameters:
    • Shift
    • Twirl
    • 3D Perspective 
    • halftones, and saturation can now be overdriven
    • old film has parameters now, sunset filter too
    • the "from sequence" filters support multiple image formats 

Also on the timeline, the thumbnail now corrects for aspect ratio. Click here to learn more.

  • motion prediction used for slowing
                              down a video with smart image
                              extrapolationIntroducing the Motion prediction module. HOT! Our most compute-intensive filter yet! With it you can analyze the motion in a video to create slow motion versions from regular (fast) video. Stop-motion artists could also use it to introduce motion blur into their work.  Learn more here

  • extruded
                              text moving awayNew animation options for 3D Designer: move along X, Y and Z axes- see extruded text vanishing into deep space

  • Faster loading of image sequences, using GDI+

The old sequence loading was dog slow, and now it's DOG
FAST. Previously, we were too slow for this to be considered a serious feature, and for professional users, loading sequences is part of life.

  • Broader file support for compositing with image sequences.

  • Broader use of Processor SSE2 acceleration and threading.

  • Enhanced Curve Tool:There's a new b-spline option (toggle) for curve editing.

  • Apply Mirror to animation: a new filter in Filter -> Animated category forces the current mirror setting to all frames of the current animation. See examples.

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watch me howl on youtube Tweet woof howl waffle!

Here are a few more specifics and insights:

  • We've rewritten a few things for more speed. You'll especially see the time-line getting punchier. Also the 3d designer and lighting (Style filter) tool open faster.
  • System wise, alpha blending is faster. This is the first time we've combined parallel code together with threading at the same time. There are some smaller system wide improvements as well. We like taking every little pot-shot we can at performance.
  • We didn't think our frame (animation sequence) loading was particularly pleasant to use. Pros need more speed, so that's been addressed in a big way.
  • Icons are a little less “touchy-feely,” and more professional looking.
  • A bug was fixed that could have kept the animated swap feature from working in certain cases.
  • A buffer overrun condition was fixed in the rotoscoping tools.
  • Fixed a bug in the Jitter displace filter.
  • Added an option toggle to use MMX in the image stabilizor
  • Pressing "." to select the 1 pixel brush previously didn't clear the previous custom brush preview from the screen. It now does.
  • Ctrl-V had an issue when you previously pasted a new image, then pasted a custom brush, it would ask if you wanted to create a new image. Fixed.
  • Additional options in Frame editing: Delete block, Select all...
  • Bug fixed when playing animation with alpha (pink) overlay  enabled.

and probably a few more. 

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terrain fly-through 3D animation slowed down 10x
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From 2 seconds to 20, in just 2 more minutes of rendering after 8 hours initial rendering

Comparing Frame Blending vs. Motion Prediction technique.