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One of the most significant new features in PD Pro 7.1 Howler is a set of tools that allow you to perform rotoscoping - a technique used to replace partial content in a video clip with another sequence. Several tools and techniques are involved:

  • Image stabilizing, with option to remember the original camera motion
  • Tracing a shape into a curve
  • Keyframing the shape's curve
  • tracking and fine tuning the keyframes
  • forcing the shape curve into alpha (a selection)
  • applying various tools along the timeline that use alpha
  • restoring original camera motion (optionally)
Below is a brief look for comparison of what is possible: the original monkey video is shaky. We can stabilize it, and that's a new feature in v7.1 as well. But we can also define a selection that evolves through the video, for example to single out the monkey, and then use the Timeline filters or other tools to perform special FX on the selected area.

End Results: Image Stabilizing & Rotoscoping

Creating the selection is done through the Curve tool, where a closed curve can be key framed. The curve can then be set to render into the alpha channel, frame by frame, just as you navigate or render through the frames with any tool, including the Timeline editor. You will see that the curve interpolates through keyframed curves, when you scrub through the timeline, and the selection (indicated through marching ants in the alpha channel) continuosly updates accordingly.

One example of using this is to identify a moving shape that you wish to 'follow across the frames, as in this example with a moving head:

First Steps with Rotoscoping in PD Pro 7.1 Howler

It can be somewhat tedious work to create the matte selection curve, especially if the video is shaky. For that reason, it is possible to preliminarily and temporarily remove the motion, and optional restore the original camera motion after the rotoscoping work is completed.

Below is a timelapse that shows all of the process. It's a bit fast, sorry, we'll see about narrating it in the future:

Other videos related to using the Curve tool for rotoscoping:

Rotoscoping with PD Pro 7.1 Howler - Part 1:

part 2     -     part 3

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