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PD Pro 8.2

GPU Notes

Fast Digital Painting, powered by Project Dogwaffle

                    Howler also supports animation & video

PD Howler also supports animation & video
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PD Pro 8.2 works great on Windows 7 and 8. It also runs on Windows Vista and Windows XP. Some parts will experience extra acceleration if the GPU can be used.

  • Currently (as of v8.2), the GPU is used by the 3D designer filter for lighting, by the Mandelbrot filter, and the new, updated Bokeh blur (the filter formerly known as custom blur) filter.  There's also a benchmark feature on the settings panel.
  • GPU support is implemented through the MS concurrency runtime (VC++ AMP)
The minimum requirements for GPU support are as follows, otherwise CPU code is used instead:
  • Windows 7 or 8. (the program will work on XP and Vista, but without GPU acceleration)
  • Direct X 11 and a card that supports it.
  • No compatibility modes can be set for the program other than "administrator"

Installation Notes:

A clean install of 8.2 is going to be required.  This means:

 - uninstall your prior version, if you have an earlier version, even if it is 8.0 or 8.1

 - and install the new version. 

This is needed for several reasons:

1) we have eliminated a number of plugins by integrating them into the main program.  An uninstall of the old version will remove old plugins without removing user installed plugins (such as AnyFX).

2) we have reorganized our brush sets.