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Watercolor Lifting

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Watercolor is a brush post effect (brush FX) that can be refined through one of the brush settings panels, now called the 'FX' tab.

You can access brush settings also with keyboard shortcut 'o' (as in options).

Not only have we seen dramatic new features and speed improvements in the Brush FX tab (Impasto, Gel, Gouache), but there is also a specific new feature for Watercolor mode.

Look at the way the vertical blue brush strokes (placed on top of the other colored ones) appear to smear into the lower ones, and more so as we increase the lifting value going from left to right.


Here's another example (using Translucent Watercolor). First we painted a brush stroke in a wave from left to right in blue, then we painted short dabs in light yellow across the blue. The ones on the left have very low value of lifting, the ones on the right side have high lifting values:

click image to magnify

Why call it lifting? Imagine you paint the first stroke, then a litle later a second at different color, and you see the pigments from the first stroke blend and mix into the second as if they're being lifted into the wet second stroke.

click image to magnify