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"Not a Carrot... "
What's new in Howler 9.1 ?

> Puppy Ray is here!        

                                  Howler also supports animation &

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Rendered in Puppy Ray: 

 Short list of what's new in version 9.1 :

  • GPU accelerated ray tracing: Puppy Ray GPU
  • New free transform tool
  • New options for alpha channel selections
  • New line, rectangle, and circle options
  • New crop tool
  • New interactive font picker
  • New icon set, color schemes, and light on dark color schemes
  • More options available on the context strip for quicker access
  • New fill panel
  • New options for plasma nois, including seamless mode and more
  • Speed improvements
  • GUI improvements and bug fixes

  Note to Windows XP users:  The GPU support is not available with Windows XP. It is time to move to Windows 7 or 8. If you want to use the CPU version of Puppy Ray, look here for a patched dll needed under XP.

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Main Features

Puppy Ray!

New in PD Pro 9:
3D Stickers!

toon brushes by Michel Agullo


New Product!

Royalty-free music
Collection #1:
epic soundtracks
by Dan Ritchie
author of Project Dogwaffle

                royalty-free titles by Dan Ritchie in soundtrack
                collection 01

free samples:

Alien Visitation
Dinosaur Danger
Hard flying bits
Mech stuff
The Big Reveal

More free samples here

and more available on
iTunes and CD Baby!

Espiritu, Madera y Agua

Espiritu, Madera y Agua, by Jose Luis Suazo


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