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What's new in the
 Howler 9.2b update patch?

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You don't animate? no need for pay for video tools? Simplify!
                                  Howler also supports animation &

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you must have Howler 9.2 before applying this update patch!

   To download and apply the 9.2b update, go here

Summary of what's new in the 9.2 update 1  (also known as 9.2b)

  • A stored animation now allows the option to use the stored animation as the source of an animated swap image, or as an animated selection. This a great new feature for animators and visual FX post work editors. You will find a growing number of tutorials on our YouTube channel about it.
  • Fixed a bug when merging with the swap image, where the program would repeatedly ask if it was "ok to apply to every frame?" You can now easily merge the swap image across all frames of an animation.
  • The 'Drop Magenta' layer mode now supports a small amount of tolerance if the color on screen varies from exactly 255,0,255
  • The 'Blue screen' layer mode had a bug - it's been fixed.
  • A stored image now allows an option to replace the swap image. That can be a convenient way to transfer it from main image to swap image, while also keeping a snapshot of it.
  • An additional sharpen filter can now also be animated. Sh-weet!
  • Addressed an issue whereby sometimes buttons were not responsive when opening the program and the image size panel was enabled on startup.

watch me howl on youtube Tweet woof howl waffle!

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