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PD Howler Downloads

  Fast Digital Painting, powered by Project Dogwaffle

PD Pro, Howler edition
v11 New!  - v10 - v9 - Howler  what's new? download tutorials sales help


new lighting tool:
let there be light

new foliage system



pigment profiles
                and color mixing tutorial in PD Pro 8

lifting of
                pigments into another watercolor brush strke

new brush

              brushes tutorial

Ready to waffle and howl even better?

The Free Demo / Trial Versions

Here are free demo trial versions of PD Pro Howler, powered by Project Dogwaffle, just so you can take a sneak peek and fall in love with it.

Look for the free demo/trial in the demozone

Important: is your PC ready to howl and waffle?  Does your GPU support Shader level 6?

Your PC may need to have the Microsoft .NET ('dot-net') Framework 4 installed. If you just recently bought the PC there is a good chance that you already have it. If you're not sure, Click here to get it.

Your computer's processor (Intel, AMD) should be recent enough that it can run SSE extensions (for PD Pro 6) and SSE2 (for PD Pro 7 and beyond). If you have a very old (10-year?) processor such as a single core Pentium 3, chances are that it will not run right. But be sure to verify it for yourself. Download and run the demo version to test it.

See other System Requirements.



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Included with V9 and v10:

3D Toon

by Michel Agullo

Some demo downloads
available at SoftPedia:

Softpedia mirror

find it at

Get your PC ready:
get MS .NET framework 4


You may need the

Arial Narrow font
installed too.
(depends on the version)

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Sometimes it is difficult to find the right download link from hosting partners listed below, as they have many other products advertised on the same page. The big green DOWNLOAD button is not necessarily the one for our product. Read before you click. It can be misleading at times. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Regardless of where you download it from, always take the time to scan the downloaded file for malware such as viruses and trojans.

If your antivirus program reports a problem, it could be a false positive, i.e. false detection, as we've seen in the past.

But better be safe. Contact us if you have questions.

Download & Scan
Please don't open the file from the links directly. Save it first, for example to the desktop. Save the downloaded file, then open the folder where you saved it, and right-click it and select the option to scan it with your antivirus program. We also recommend using an additional scanner for a second opinion. After you've determined that it is safe to open, run the installer to install this demo version and explore and discover.


About downloading from may offer the installer download in two different ways: one has our installer within their wrapper linked to the big Download Now button, and another with a text link below that, named 'Direct Link' which points directly to just our installer.

Their wrapper installer includes an additional piece of software that can deliver ads which are related to software or content of interest. Some anti-spyware software may flag this as adware or potentially unwanted software. If you're not comfortable with that download, please use the Direct Link option
, or use a safe alternate site.