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not IN the cloud, but OF clouds

Cloud Modeling and Rendering

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let's howl


PD Music?

The Music of Project Dogwaffle

Ok, you've created the perfect 3D or painted visual. Need a  perfectly matching mood enhancer?

Just add music - royalty-free



This is being developed for PD Howler 9.5.... Learn more to (pre-)order

We're developing ambient occlusion for foliage brushes.
We're adding ambient occlusion and other shading and lighting enhancements in 3D Designer.

We're adding Erosion effects, Shadows (raytraced) and Slope-controls Snow

And say hello to... The Cloud Modeler:

the Cloud modeler Cloud
                                                      Renderin 01

Here is a video showing some ways to use it. Note that this is early development, it may change a lot. There's also a slight chance it might not be in 9.5

If you can't view the embedded video, click here to view it from YouTube directly.

Learn more about Howler 9.5 and how to pre-order



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