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Beyond Digital Painting

Howler Features - 3D, Video, Particles...

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let's howl

PD Music?

The Music of Project Dogwaffle

Ok, you've created the perfect 3D or painted visual. Need a  perfectly matching mood enhancer?

Just add music - royalty-free



Read the main features list here:     ALMF: Another List of Main Features
(sorry, it may not up-to-date or complete... there is so much in this program :-) 

Project Dogwaffle is software, a program made for digital painting AND animating. You can load a video into the brush, and paint it across the frames of another video. There are also a number of great 3D capabilities, such as to create realistic landscape, mountains and valleys, which you might use as a basis to paint over them as well. It's a great tool to discover your inner artist. It's useful for contet creation in games, videos, illustrations and other types of graphic works. In the end, it's a tool. How you use it, that's how you turn it into an artist's tool.

Below you will find a few examples of features we've added over the many years. For more details, also refer to the main features list, and the complete What's New page.

Recently added features:

most recently:

New in Version 12 (aka 2019)

HOT! we're doing 8k x 8k !!!! (because 4k is so 2018!)


HSL picker

Post Correction on curves

New in Version 11

New in Version 10

New in Version 9.6

v9.6 is a free update from v9.5

New in Version 9.5

This was a paid upgrade for users of PD Howler 9.0-9.2.

We're adding a Cloud modeler, and cloud rendering

We're adding shading by ambient occlusion to foliage brushes


We're adding shading and lighting in 3D Designer.
This includes ambient occlusion too.

erosion and shadows and slope  

We're even adding slope-dependent snow, erosion and raytraced shadows to 3D Designer. Some of it is also useful for subsequent Rendering in Puppy Ray. Now you get landscapes with rivers and valleys. This also helps create more realistic rock textures.


New in Version 9

Puppy Ray - the ray tracing tool to generate beautiful landscapes in 3D from simple elevation maps and colormaps, even with sky maps and global illumination.



New in Version 8

Foliage Brushes
- paint a complete bush or tree from trunk to branches to twiggs to leaves and flowers on top. In a single brush stroke!

HOT: improved in v9.5 with Ambient-Occlusion based shading!

                    lifting with water color for digital painting

Pigment Lifting for realistic water color and other paint effects

New in Version 7

grid control for motion prediction module
Motion Prediction Module - motion-estimated super slow motion video.

Read more about this insane number-crunching feat in Motion Prediction Mania!

  • faster loading of image sequences (Png, Tiff, Jpeg,...)
  • broader support of file formats for compositing with image sequences
  • higher speed with broader use of SSE2-based acceleration and multi-threading
                      enhanced curve tool

more options in the greatly enhanced curve tool: toggle for B-Spline smoothed interpolation.


What's New in Version 6

What was New in Version 5

and even earlier:

What was New in Version 4

age decrement particle brushes

Age Decrement on particle brushes for more realistic twigs and roots

Even Earlier: What's New in Version 3

Long ago, in a Galaxy far far away...  What's New in Version 2 & 1

  • Onion skins for animations - 2 frames ahead and 2 frames back

Before you were born?

All new features From the edge of time and space, in a parallel universe



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