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                                          Pro Howler

Fast Digital Painting and Animation powered by Project Dogwaffle

                                  and visual effectsjust Paint the music of Project Dogwaffle

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PD Howler

nifty texturesz

know your doat
(a)symmetrical painting
the english gentleman

new layer modes
                blending modes

3d lighting
lighting for

mirror mode textures

Get the demo of
PD Pro 6 Howler here:
Softpedia mirror

improved bristle brushes
(framing also done in PD!)
fabulous bristle brushes

Newest Builds & Latest Releases:


PD Howler 2024 (v17) is here!

and fast evolving with more features - look for the Captain's Log!

Oh Joy!  Now also at - the OBJ-oy release!


Now also on Steam:

Still available:

PD Howler 2023 (v16)

Slideshow of PD Howler artwork over the years:


Old but not forgotten:

PD Howler 2022 (v15)

PD Howler 2021 (v14)

PD Howler 2020 (v13)

How to open an image file


earlier releases:

 PD Howler 2019

even earlier releases:

v11.4  v11.3 v11.2c - v11.2b - v11.2

Tide Pool, the 2017 Update #2 for Howler 11.1

Summer Splash, the 2017 Update #1 for Howler 11.1

Everything about PD Howler 11  Learn more... 

I need this - so cool!

PD Howler 10 Learn more... 

PD Howler 9.6  Learn more...

PD Howler is also on Steam!  Learn more...

Howler 9.5 .... Learn more...

clouds in 3D Designer - with Howler 9.5

Click Here for the new Howler 9.5 Slideshow

landscape, created in PD Howler 9.5

Nature painting has evolved....

now with 3D in the GPU to quickly render clouds, erosion, sediments, soft raytraced shadows, fog and more...

What is PD Howler?

PD Howler is a fast digital painting and animation program, i.e. creative software for your PC.

It is best used on Windows 10, 7 or 8.1, preferably on 64-bit versions of Windows with lots of RAM, although it still is a 32-bit (x86) 
application, but some modules run in there own address space so you can take advantage of the extra memory that you might not have in 32-bit systems.

We have with GPU-accelerated 3D landscape generation tools, rendering with path tracing, video-on-video painting, motion tracking, image stabilization, rotoscoping, artist guides, photo editing, realistic media painting with dryout, translucency and pigment lifting, tools for post work and special effects filters, time stretching with motion estimated interpolation, particle brushes, foliage brushes, bristle brushes, orbicle brushes, user-defined custom animated brushes, video brushes, an exposure sheet for lip-synched cartooning, animated frame painting, loopable and seamless video creation tools, awesome lens flares and many more amazing tools and gadgets.

Project Dogwaffle (PD) comes in several editions... PD Howler is the top-of-the-line edition. It is created by an artist, Dan Ritchie, for hobbyists and professionals alike. Best of all, this is very affordably priced, and it keeps evolving.

This was PD Howler 9.5: Learn More

realtime 3D in the GPU - with

PD Pro 9 was here - Then came v9.2 (Howler and Artist editions available)

9.0: "Fly in the Ointment"                          

9.1: "Not a Carrot"                                     

9.2: "Worlds cutest t-rex"   new!             

Not the latest, still one of the greatest:

This was PD Pro 8.2

Real-time 3D Designer on the GPU - Awesome Foliage brushes - Smooth Video Motion Estimation

This version is also included in the Cool Creative Bundle.

A lite Home Learning Edition is available for Free!

"Oh Sassy!"
"Skyock's Egret"  (Artist 8.2c - Howler 8.2d)

leaftracker - old stackhouse farm
old stackhouse farm, by leaftracker

'Winter Sunrise On The Back Trail' by leaftracker:
Winter Sunrise On The Back Trail
See this and other examples in the Dogwaffler of the Moment sections

New Features & the Need for Speed!
  • Ray Tracing on the GPU new in v9
  • Foliage brushes new in v8
  • motion prediction module new in 7.2
  • re-invented timeline editor new in 7.2
  • new user interface style and colors new in 7.2
  • multi-monitor support new in 7.2
  • 3D Designer - now with GPU support(!)
  • Motion tracking, Image stabilizing
  • Rotoscoping
  • Greatly improved performance.  More real-time feedback throughout the program.  Increased speed overall.  Greater use of multiple processors and enhanced instruction sets.
  • Cleaner, modern GUI, visually compatible with Windows 7.
  • Enhanced filters and features throughout the program.
  • New lighting tool, perspective tool, mandelbrot filter and more.
  • New low level 3D api. (for developers)
  • Updated symmetry and bristle brush tools
  • [more...]

slideshow with music

Howling fast!

We already had a multithreading architecture since version 4.  However at that time we concentrated on overall system speed. [more...]

Howler 2024 is here!
What's New in v17
What's New in v16
What's New in v15
What's New in v14
What's New in v13
What's New in v12
What's New in v11
What's New in v10
What's New in v9.6
What's New in v9.5
What's New in v9
What's New in v8
What's New in v7
What's New in v6
What's New in v5
What's New in v4
What was new in Earlier releases?

New since version 8:
The Rules-based
Foliage brushes

new foliage system

  • PD Pro 7.2 is here!
  • Student discount available

      Learn more here

Press Releases new!
Announcing the Release of PD Pro 8 Howler


PD Pro 7.2

                          it's ok to play with your food
Motion Prediction module

From 2 seconds to 20, in just 2 more minutes of rendering after 8 hours initial rendering

from PD Pro 6 Howler (aka PD Howler 1) to PD Pro 7 Howler
See your options...

v7.1: Greatly Enhanced
Curve Tool
What's new in the Curve tool of v7.1?

v7.1: Tracking Mattes
tracking mattes

v7.1: Rotoscoping:
simplify rotoscoping
                  work by temporarily stabilizing the video

new!Read the
PD Howler Review

Danas Anis reviews PD Howler 1 aka PD Pro
by famed Carrara 3D Artist
and Photographer
Danas Anis

Gallery Quickpicks
Slideshow 1
(Javascript & Flash)
Slideshow 1+

Slideshow 2
the HOTM
(Who's been howling?)
(hello new GUI)
Tutorial Videos
(Learn to howl)

Get your PC ready to howl:
get the Microsoft
.NET framework 4 (!)
System Requirements
let's howl
Installation Guide and more

watch me howl on youtube Tweet woof howl waffle!