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PD Pro Howler Screenshots

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Screenshots of PD Pro 8


Foliage painting on basic Netbook

 Screenshots from Release 7

(7.0, 7.1, 7.2)


Below are Screenshots

from Release 6 

Howler Screenshot

Howler Screenshot 2

Space Art and Planet Design
with PD Howler & Genetica

Space art with PD Howler and
click image to enlarge - click here to view the tutorial video

Dead Astronaut & Lens flares
picture (c) 2011 Martin Duerr (Noire style rendering was done in Lightwave with a "handmade" shader. The new lensflares are a real bummer in Howler.)

Framing a 3D Landscape

Framing a 3D Landscape (done)


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