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PD Howler - Now on Steam       

PD Howler 9.6 was the first version made available on Steam.
PD Howler 10 was added to Steam on May 6, 2016, Howler in May 2017
We've had more releases since then. Here are some useful resources.
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let's howl

HELP?  >>>>> here are the Steam Notes!

Do you need help with your installation of PD Howler / Artist on Steam?  Having trouble starting or using it? Thinking about Reinstalling? Click here for Help

Get Project Dogwaffle on Steam!  steampowered

PD Howler 2023 (v16)   New!

Learn more about Howler 2023 here


     Howler 2022 was not available on Steam - but its many features are
     now available as part of the newer 2023 release.
     Learn more about Howler 2022 here


PD Howler 11 on Steam - Axehead
PD Howler 14 ('21)
Learn more about Howler 2021 here

Even earlier releases on Steam:

PD Howler 11 on Steam - Axehead 
PD Howler 11

PD Howler 10 on Steam
PD Howler 10

PD Howler 9.6

PD Artist 10 on Steam
PD Artist 10

Learn more about many more releases from the past here

If you missed it or can't access, here are our teaser videos again, direct from YouTube:

Introducing PD Howler 10 on Steam

Introducing PD Howler 10 (Rev 2)

Introducing PD Howler 9.6 on Steam

direct link:


Help with PD Howler on Steam

If you run into an issue with your version of PD Howler installed through Steam ( ) then perhaps these tips will help.

For users of all versions - Howler or Artist v9.6, v10, v11, v14 ('21), v16 (2023):

        Unknown Error; Quitting / Unexpected Error: Quitting   -  Switching between multiple installed versions

For users of PD Howler 2023 (v16)

For users of Howler v14 (aka Howler '21) aka Howler 2021


For users of Howler v11

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Only for v9.6

The following improvements have been incorporated into v10, so no need to do this when you use v10.

More Help:

  • More general help for Howler is here
  • More general help for Project Dogwaffle's other versions too is here.  (including a user guide - PD Help)
  • Hore FAQ's, frequently asked questions, are here.
  • A collection of tutorials specific to Howler are here.


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PD Howler

PD Howler 2022

PD Howler 2021


PD Howler 11

PD Howler 10

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