yes they're free, don't be scared ;-)
  Killer Sketches

blue moon

Take your creeps into
the 3rd dimension!
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Hello, and boo!

Just in time for your Halloween experience - here are a few sketches from John Pelico's killer pumpkins - we call them killer sketches!


They're free for you to use as practicing material for coloring, tracing, enhancing. If you want to make commercial use of your artwork derived from these you will need to please contact Jon.


Hallow Peño

(amigo, I'm hot!)


Crimson Falls

                                    are wild
                                  are wild

Jacks are wild


Keeper of the Crop

These killer sketches and killer pumpkins are brought to you by John Pelico - see for more


Enjoy a safe but memorable Halloween!

prism break
Prism Break


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waiting for the kids
waiting for the children

beware of the
13th hour

(Halloween 2005)