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Eleveation maps, texture maps, sky maps and more

PD Particles is great for quick painting, drawing and sketchingPD ArtistPD Howler also supports digital painting,  animation & video, 3D and visuall effects

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Learn to make stunning Landscapes - join the webinar by Tiffanie Gray

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How to use PD Howler / PD Artist to Create Landscapes

With Project Dogwaffle's PD Howler and PD Artist, one of the fun things to explore is creating imaginary but realistic looking landscape sceneries. It might be rendered with
water, or surrounded by clouds, and you may also want to paint over it later, perhaps to add more foliage to it in the foreground. You might blur distant and nearby parts, and do lots of other fun effects.

Backgrounds are needed in many areas, from game design to book illustrations to video compositions and also the good old just-having-fun-with-it, and exploring the insane possibilities with digital art. Project Dogwaffle is a tool, a vehicle to explore new worlds, and you get to be the driver.

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Here is a first one for you to download and enjoy.

20171118-map: free heightmap, erosion map, texturemap, skymap new!

20171116 Landscapes new!

Lunar Coffee Cup

Free Level2 terrain

sample renders and screenshots:

Bumpy-coast-line2 - elevation map and color map

This is a greyscale elevation map (also known as height map) of a landscape easily created with a combination of plasma noise in 'Less than' mode). Download the elevation map, you can use it by itself, or you can also download and use the color map. The color map can also just be a starting point for you to change it such as by inverting the rgb channels or changing the hue, contrast, brightness, gamma and more. Start exploring the effects you get by adding more erosion, light diffusion, motion blur, adjust with the curve or add posterized steps and stratification, color by slope and elevation etc etc etc...


Would you prefer to save both the height map AND the colored texture map in a single file? 
Learn how to do that, with these Landscape Tutorials

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