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Welcome to our Music & Sounds (+Fan) Page

Our newest passion:

Alan Walker - www.alanwalker.no 

(no, ".no" doesn't mean he's unapproachable -  ".no" is for Norway ;-)


Faded, Darkside, Different World, Alone, Lily, ...

Romy Wave - youtube.com/romywave

the little Swiss girl who's developed a big voice!

Good luck Romy - we love you!

Michelle Branch
Hopeless Romantic, Hotel Paper, Breathe, Till I get over You, the Wreckers, etc...


hot! Dan Ritchie - PD Music, Royalty-free music for games & film, from the author of Project Dogwaffle

Spencer Dugan - Singer/Song writer from San Diego. Hi Spence!

Uketutu - the Ukulele Tuning Tube - Do you have an Ukulele? quickly tune your Uke or Guitar!

Guy's Grids  -  if you want to learn to play the guitar, start here!

Enrique Ugarte (Playlist on YouTube) - the King of Accordeon, French valse musette

Mike Hutchens - Blues and other really good stuff

relaxing! Jose "eMaya" Luis Suazo - etheral, relaxing, Mayan. (eMaya: Mayan music for the computer age)

cool! DJ d'Artagnan, aka John Somnitz

Ruben DeAnda - from the maker of the tune behind uketutu

Savannah Philyaw

Sonia Rao

No Carrier - from the host of LAME MP3 Encoder for Audacity. Hola y gracias!

France Gall on YouTube mix

Oscar Peterson on YouTube mix

Ella Fitzgerald on YouTube mix

Last but not least,... drum roll please (yeah that's me at the piano... in 1978)

the Moodmakers - new location!

Other music:

Need more loops to compose your own?

                        - great loops for your muic

freshly squeezed samples

Dan Ritchie

The creator of Project Dogwaffle
plays with  Magix Musicmaker to explore the accoustic side of his creative mind.

hello, it's
                                                      me, Dan


Mike Hutchens

Smooth Jazz, Adult Alternative Rock,
Pop/Rock, Blues

                                                      it's Mike!

eMaya: The Music of

Jose Luis Suazo

Mayan music for the Computer Age

                                                      yo me llamo Jose,
                                                      benvenidos a mi

DJ d'Artagnan

Royalty-free music available at the CoolCreativeBundle.com
Listen to samples here and in our Youtube channel

Ruben DeAnda

Accoustic Guitarist Extraordinaire

Band email

No Carrier - powered by SoundCloud
Words cannot describe it, don't even bother trying, just go there and listen.
no carrier, powered
                                                by CloudSound

Based in North county San Diego, California,


Notas Antiguas
amazing accoustic Guitar duo!
Warren LaPlante & Ruben De Anda will delight you with rapid Latino tunes and relaxing sounds.
Eye and Eye
                                                      Music by Wheela
Based in Jamaica,
West Indies is the home
of new age Reggae/Dancehall
and Crossover Pop Music


ya man, Wheela sez
go to Jamaica man

Return to Stonehenge

Celtic Traditional & Modern Day Electronica & Trance meet at last!

Dj  D'Artagnan's Music
exploring the digital, musical world beyond Trance & Electronica

includes "Today is the First Day", as featured at the Turin Winter Olympics 2006  at open air concerts on Piazza Solferino!

Long before NASA's Insight landed on Mars, we were there with DJ d'Artagnan!

Winds of  Mars

Dj  D'Artagnan's Music
exploring the digital, musical world beyond Trance & Electronica

Great artists with Great music:

which do you like better?  Katy Rose  or  Katie Rose


The Wreckers: Michelle Branch & Jessica Harp

France Gall on Youtube

the Moodmakers


Find new music
Mike Hutchens
and many
more artists

Hogar Emanuel

a children's home
in Honduras
Hogar Emanuel - a home for children
                              in need located in Honduras

The Music of
Jose Luis Suazo

Relaxing ethereal Mayan music for the Computer  Age

free samples:
Cascada Mistica
and many more

Follow Jose's Blog!

Did you like the music on our video tutorials?

Jose Luis Suazo's (JLS's)
music is now
available on CDBABY!

Espiritu, Madera y Agua, by Jose Luis Suazo

DJ Music:
Trance & Electronica
Dj D'Artagnan  
as seen on


From Texas
and California: 
Ruben DeAnda

co-founder of
Notas Antiguas

From Argentina:
(and the rest of the planet, really)
No Carrier
powered by CounCloud

Notas Antiguas
accoustic guitar duo

welcome to Jamaica


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who need help?
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A Reason To Survive

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DJ D'Artagnan aka John Somnitz  HOT!   "∆oN"
his newest music CD:

CD cover Artwork Philip Staiger
powered by Project Dogwaffle 

Art Rocks!
on Internet Talk Radio
listen to
                                  the archived radio shows

Listen to Dj D'Artagnan on wsradio's "Art Rocks!" show with Philly Joe Swendoza and CEO  (Chief Excitement Officer ;-) Ally BlingBling - look for us the archives Wednesday Febr. 1
∆oN - January 2006
  1. "The Trials and Tribulations of Mr. Francis J. Simmons"
  2. "Wake Up!"
  3. "(Escape)"
  4. "Fractal Glider"
  5. "Static"
  6. "Roll With The Mo"
  7. "The Awakening of Mr. Francis J. Simmons"
  8. "Cannon in Dj"
  9. "Liebe Ist Zu Schon Zu Vergeuden"
  10. olympic.org - live
                                              the spirit, watch the
                                              games"Today is the First Day" < watch the Olympics winter games & hear this song at the festivities in Turin, Italy!
  11. "Inspirations While in Kevinís Mind"
  12. "(Bonus Track) Cooper Island"

stream it - hear it - enjoy it!
  • Art Rocks! - hear us Febr. 1 2006 on WSRadio with Philly Joe Swendoza and 'Chief Excitement Officer' Ally BlingBling
Samples in Flash Stream Format:
(use Control-Click to open in new Tab if you have a
Tab-enabeld browser. if you don't get FireFox)

from AEoN:

from earlier CD or projects:

buy the stamp
with the Cosmic Eye

view it - show it - read about it !

also related:

Let there be Life ...a split-second decision?the first day - after the popcorn party!
the same as The First Day, but with Popcorn floating in space

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