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  PD Artist -
                                                    just paint

The affordable digital painting solution for your PC

                                    Howler also supports animation &
                                    videoPD Howler also supports
                                    animation & video

Never heard of PD Artist before? It's a subset of PD Howler, for the starving artist!

Prior releases of PD Artist: PD Artist 1 - PD Artist 2(=6) - PD Artist 7 - PD Artist 8 - PD Artist 9

earlier: Artist 2022 - Artist 2021 - Artist 2020 - Artist 2019 - Artist 9.6 - Artist 10 - Artist 11 - Artist 11.1 - Artist 11.2b

Beyond PD Artist:

The big brother:
let's howl
Same as PD Artist, PLUS tools for animation and video, compositing, motion estimated interpolation,  animated filters, flying through 3D rendered landscapes...


Newest version:

New!  PD Artist 2024 is here!

(aka version 17)
Read about PD Howler and ignore animation - that's PD Artist

(except: it still also has animbrushes)

PD Artist 2023

(aka version 16)


PD Artist 2022 is here!



PD Artist 2021

(aka version 14)

Still also shipping PD Artist 2020

(aka version 13)

Note the latest, but still one of the greatest - and more affordably priced. Upgrade later at big discounts!

discover PD Artist 2020 here

PD Artist 2019 (aka version 12)

discover it here

Prior release was v11.4 rc136

See what's new since v11.3 and 11.4
- look at the PD Howler info -
and ignore anything about animation.

earlier: Feeding Frenzy: PD Artist 11.2b

even earlier: Summer Splash: PD Artist 11.1

discover and learn:

First Steps with Second Height map

"Summer Splash!" - the free update for users of PD Artist v11

click here to view the above screenshot image original at full size  |  more landscapes  |  more Puppy Ray

PD Artist 11 is here:

Discovering PD Artist - What is it? (Click here)

new! PD Artist is now also on Steam! 

PD Artist is on Steam


PD Artist 11


PD Pro 10 - Artist edition

PD Artist 10

"Forward Undo 10"

Read more about PD Artist 10 here

PD Pro 9.6 - Artist edition

PD Artist 9.6

"Purely Ballistic + Keep it Cute"

Read more about PD Artist 9 here


powered by
PD Pro 9.5/9.6 

PD Artist 9.0-9.2

PD Artist 9.2


powered by
PD Pro 9.2 

Read about PD Artist 9 here

PD Artist 8

PD Artist 8

8.0 - Broomhead
8.2 - Skyock's Egret

  powered by PD Pro v8 

PD Artist
Read about PD Artist 8 here

PD Pro 7 Artist
is also known as:

PD Artist 7

  powered by PD Pro 7.2  new!

PD Artist
                                  7 powered by PD Pro 7.1
Read about PD Artist 7 here

PD Pro 6 Artist is also known as:

PD Artist 2 

New lower price:  
Powered by PD Pro 6 
en garde
                                    - present your weapons! ready, set,
                                    .... paint!
Mouseketeer artwork by Martin Duerr, Cybersign

The very first Artist edition there ever was: PD Artist is

PD Artist 1

Powered by PD Pro 3.2

Can't afford your own?
see if someone else wants
to pay for it

enjoy more tutorials of PD Artist 2 and PD Howler at the Daily Dose

System Requirements

PD Artist 2019

PD Artist 11

PD Artist 10

PD Artist 9.6

Reviewed by Software Informer


Learn to waffle and thrive.
Watch the Daily Dose
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Recorded videos on YouTube, time lapse, narrated and more.

PD Artist Brush effects

digital painting brush effects

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