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  PD Artist 10

    Professional & Affordable Digital Painting for your PC!

now based on PD Pro 10 

& delightfully affordable

PD                                  Howler also supports animation &                                  videoPD                                  Howler also supports animation &                                  video  

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new! PD Artist is now also on Steam! - - see PD Howler on Steam

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     What is PD Artist 10?

PD Artist 10 is digital painting software for PCs running Microsoft Windows, powered by Project Dogwaffle. It is priced more affordably than its full-featured big brother, PD Howler. What it doesn't have is the tools for working on animations animation and video (with one exception: you can have animated brushes). If you don't work on animations, PD Artist may be a smarter solution for you. Why pay money for tools you won't use?

The biggest new feature in v9.0 was the addition of a raytracer: Puppy Ray
There were several free updates after the 9.0 release, all the way to v9.2.
Later, a major release 9.5 was created, followed by 9.6, another free update (to 9.5). That version had great new tools for even more realistic landscape designs with erosion and sediments, using the 3D Designer.

PD Artist is a subset of PD Howler (PD Pro Howler edition), but without the animation or video tools. The result: a lean, mean painting machine that's even more affordable.

Before anything else, PD Artist is made for painting. There are a lot of brushes. And a lot of types of brushes. This program is brush-centric, brush-focused. Brushilicious. Have a look here:

PD Artist is built on the same super-fast core engine as the one used in PD Howler and thus benefits from interface improvements, multithreading, SSE2 acceleration, speed enhancements and other optimizations found there, including some tools that use the GPU acceleration for 3D.

Most of the features of PD Howler are intact in PD Artist.  Just the features used for working with animations or video have been removed. A few animation tools remain though, namely those related to creating and managing animated brushes. (which consist of image sequences too).

Some animated filters were removed. Some filters that had animation options were modified to exclude the animated portion. The Animation menu is gone. Tools and plugins made for animations such as the Timeline editor, the brush keyframer, the exposure sheet and frame painter, those are tools made for animation or post work on videos and thus were removed from the Artist edition. However, animated brushes are still included! You can still load an existing AVI video clip or an image sequence straight into the custom animated brush system in order to then 'paint' it over your artwork!

Read the reviews on Software Informer. (Note: you will leave this website. Be sure to bookmark us or remember how to come back for more)

     Why PD Artist?

The goal with PD Artist is to make the creative tools affordably accessible to those who don't work with video and don't create animations but just want to paint and design still images.

PD Artist doesn't do animations nor have the tools to work on video, so therefore it is cheaper than PD Howler. PD Artist is derived from the same codebase shared by its big brother, PD Howler. We like to say PD Artist is a subset of Howler. Or think of Howler as a superset, going beyond PD Artist.


If you're on a very tight budget, PD Artist is a better way into using and enjoying Project Dogwaffle. You can upgrade to PD Howler later, should you decide you want it.

If you don't need animation tools, why pay for Howler?  PD Artist will be the right tool for you. It does almost everything that you can do in PD Howler except for animating things or working on video. It does however still have animated brushes too. You can load an image sequence or AVI file into the brush and paint with it on the still image.

What is NOT in Artist but is in Howler? In short: Animation. To be more specific: the Animation Menu is missing. The 'Animated' category in the Filters menu is gone too. Also, some of the other filters have an animation option, sometime in the form of a button named Anim or Animate. Those buttons are either gone or disabled. The filter will work on just the current still image, not on a frame sequence, since there's no animation support in Artist.

There is one exception: The animated brush. You can still work on a sequence of images, even on Avi file, in the sense that you can load it into the brush and thus make it the current Custom and Animated brush, an animbrush. You won't paint with it over another animation like you can with Howler. (video on video), but you can paint this animbrush over the current image.


     How to Order PD Artist

  PD Artist is available for purchase here

     Help, Installation Notes, Misc....

More coming soon, but for now, refer to the PD Howler information and simply ignore any reference to animations. (except when we're talking about animated brushes, which are supported in PD Pro Artist too.)

Also consult the general F.A.Q. and the general Dogwaffle Help pages.

     What's New in Version 10?

Read the announcement in our Newsletter: issue #118: PD Artist 10 and RC30

Watch the intro video - First Steps with PD Artist 10 -

List of the most important changes/fixes/new features:

* New media browser
All new code. Adds previews for media types that weren't previously supported including particles/bristles/orbicles/foliage. Large or small icons. Thumbtack is remembered between instances. Refinements and fixes

* New color picker
Integrated color themes and pigment profiles. New options, plus copy and paste

* New undo system
Compression to save memory. Exists in memory or on disc. Undo browser

* Foliage enhancements
Foliage painting comes into its own with big improvements)
* More memory efficient
Undo memory is reduced using our new compression API. Undos can be saved to disc to allow more memory for animation

* Modernized GUI 
Big improvements inspired by the redesigned PD Particle 9 released a few months ago

* Autosave/crash recovery
 Automatically saves your work once a minute with the options to recover if a crash occurs

* Cinemascopic filter
Simulate the look of color film stock from the 1920's-1940's based on a 2 color die process

* Simplified brush size
“Allow brush transforms” is automatically turned on if you change a brushes size. No more headaches

* Enhanced curve tool.
Store multiple curves.(!)

* Adjustments for 1600x width screens.
Fewer stacked panels

* Quick access to a number of store and undo features.
Look for more mini-icons in the upper right zone. We lovingly call it the healthy zone, where you'll encounter a healthy dose of happiness.

* Bottom-up coordinates in Puppyray for GPU instead of top-down.
Now you can predict the readability of text, no need to pre-emptively flip it vertically. Or as a game developer, if you have a feature such as a street making a right turn upwards, it won't anymore turn into a right turn down or left turn, it won't be flipped upside down. Happy faces stay happy. And that's a good thing. The coordinate system is now consistent with the initial view also seen in 3D Designer. "Up" in the main image (or swap image) is up forward (into the scene) once it is in the 3D rendered scene.

* New brush key panel.

* New lens flare settings: Mirror elements and Oblique elements.

* Expanded use of mouse wheel throughout the program.

* Plugin integrations
raw support/batch processor/brush transparency tool/load brush image sequence/Scan frames/Array to animation/Lua browser. Some are for Howler edtion only, if animated.

* Simplified batch processing

* Layers panel simplification and enhancements.

* Enhanced “merge down.” for layers

* New settings panel. Lots of new options, less confusing.

* New Orbicle painting options.
Get ready to say "wow, now that's cool!" Styles, gradients, even audio-control.
* Onscreen Orbicle previews as you move your pointer. Cool as ever! 

* Loading and saving for Bristles and Orbicles settings.

* Selection/overlay setting is now remembered between instances.

* Layer thumbnail size is now remembered between instances.

* Puppyray GPU "grid render" size is now remembered between instances. This is an important optimize.

* Fixes in Bristle brushes.
No more paint smearing off screen. (as sometimes seen along the edges)
* Age decrement setting is now saved with particles. Roots will be roots.

* Right/left painting/erasing for foliage.
Yes! Paint a big bush or tree and then dabble around to remove some of it and make it lighter. Get ready to say "ok...this alone was worth my hard earned money. Thank you Dan!"
* Colors-by-name now allows web colors in addition to pigment colors.

* The Brush size can be enveloped.
There's a post effect for the brush stroke that resizes the brush along the path, with a graph editor to set the progression, aka the envelope. Look for it in the View menu.
* The symmetry tool now has a interactive center handle.
This allows you to see where the symmetry line is, and to grab and move it. Very intuitive.
* The palette mixer now uses bristle brushes instead of the former mixing brush.
Fixed a bug where colors weren't picked on mouse down: The mouse had to move to pick a color.
* Editing pigment based themes
On the color picker, it now has the option to pick an RGB color in addition to preset pigments.
* A much requested feature: Optipustic particles can now be scaled.
This makes it very easy to change their size so you can quickly change from drawing, for example, tufts of grass appearing small in a distance, and big nearby. Furthermore, that also allows it to scale like other brushes based on the brightness of the pixels in the Swap image, mentioned earlier.

* New feature in Bristle brushes: Salt and Pepper
With this extra control, you can adjust the level of embossing to give the bristles a deeper cut into the paint.

* AA Pen (anti-aliased pen) had a problem
It was being anti-aliased only in one direction. This is fixed.



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