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first: PD Artist 11 - "Axehead"  / then: Artist 11.1 "Summer Splash"

Then: PD Artist 11.2b - "Feeding Frenzy!"

Latest in the v11.x series:  PD Artist 11.4 RC134

    Fun and Affordable Digital Painting plus 3D FX for your PC!

now based on PD Pro 11.2b 

& delightfully affordable

                                    Howler also supports animation &
                                    videoPD Howler also supports
                                    animation & video  

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Final release of the v11 series:

  PD Artist 11.4 is here (was RC134 ... Final RC136 with SSE2)

PD Artist 11.2b is here (RC94)

PD Artist 11.1 Summer Splash (RC56)

first steps with second
                            landscape height map

Learn about v11.1 from the Howler release too.

Learn more about PD Artist - What is PD Artist?

     What is PD Artist 11?

PD Artist 11 is digital painting software for PCs running Microsoft Windows, powered by Project Dogwaffle. It is priced more affordably than its full-featured big brother, PD Howler. What it doesn't have is the tools for working on animations animation and video (with one exception: you can have animated brushes). If you don't work on animations, PD Artist may be a smarter solution for you. Why pay money for tools you won't use?

The biggest new feature in v9.0 was the addition of a raytracer: Puppy Ray

In this version 11 we have added great new features to Puppy Ray, such as the water plane with waves, reflection and refraction.

PD Artist is a subset of PD Howler (PD Pro Howler edition), but without the animation or video tools. The result: a lean, mean painting machine that's even more affordable.

Before anything else, PD Artist is made for painting. There are a lot of brushes. And a lot of types of brushes. This program is brush-centric, brush-focused. Brushilicious. Have a look here:

PD Artist is built on the same super-fast core engine as the one used in PD Howler and thus benefits from interface improvements, multithreading, SSE2 acceleration, speed enhancements and other optimizations found there, including some tools that use the GPU acceleration for 3D.

Most of the features of PD Howler are intact in PD Artist.  Just the features used for working with animations or video have been removed. A few animation tools remain though, namely those related to creating and managing animated brushes. (which consist of image sequences too).

Some animated filters were removed. Some filters that had animation options were modified to exclude the animated portion. The Animation menu is gone. Tools and plugins made for animations such as the Timeline editor, the brush keyframer, the exposure sheet and frame painter, those are tools made for animation or post work on videos and thus were removed from the Artist edition. However, animated brushes are still included! You can still load an existing AVI video clip or an image sequence straight into the custom animated brush system in order to then 'paint' it over your artwork!

Read the reviews on Software Informer. (Note: you will leave this website. Be sure to bookmark us or remember how to come back for more)

     Why PD Artist?

The goal with PD Artist is to make the creative tools affordably accessible to those who don't work with video and don't create animations but just want to paint and design still images.

PD Artist doesn't do animations nor have the tools to work on video, so therefore it is cheaper than PD Howler. PD Artist is derived from the same code base shared by its big brother, PD Howler. We like to say PD Artist is a subset of Howler. Or think of Howler as a superset, going beyond PD Artist.


If you're on a very tight budget, PD Artist is a better way into using and enjoying Project Dogwaffle. You can upgrade to PD Howler later, should you decide you want it.

If you don't need animation tools, why pay for Howler?  PD Artist will be the right tool for you. It does almost everything that you can do in PD Howler except for animating things or working on video. It does however still have animated brushes too. You can load an image sequence or AVI file into the brush and paint with it on the still image.

What is NOT in Artist but is in Howler? In short: Animation. To be more specific: the Animation Menu is missing. The 'Animated' category in the Filters menu is gone too. Also, some of the other filters have an animation option, sometime in the form of a button named Anim or Animate. Those buttons are either gone or disabled. The filter will work on just the current still image, not on a frame sequence, since there's no animation support in Artist.

There is one exception: The animated brush. You can still work on a sequence of images, even on Avi file, in the sense that you can load it into the brush and thus make it the current Custom and Animated brush, an animbrush. You won't paint with it over another animation like you can with Howler. (video on video), but you can paint this animbrush over the current image.


     How to Order PD Artist

  PD Artist is available for purchase here

     Version 11.4 - final build RC134 (released in Fall 2018)

Correction: there was one more final-final build RC136, with SSE2 extensions expected on your PC.

This was a release from Fall 2018, free update for users of v11. It was likely the last and final build of Artist 11.

If you're curious about what was new in v11.4 RC136, compare with RC134, 16 and beyond from PD Howler. Ignore features of animation/video editing tools, those are with Howler only.

Note: There were a few extra builds and one release for PD Howler after this, but none for PD Artist. Remember this if you ever hesitate between PD Artist or PD Howler. It is usually best to use Howler. There are more updates. And more features.

Checksum Info for PD Artist RC136 SSE2

Name: Artist_11_4_RC136_SSE2.exe
Size: 111690396 bytes (106 MiB)
CRC32: A0B7577C
CRC64: 9466B012F2BBA87B
SHA256: 68AF19D71359911D92797D0D4DA660AFB2944F2EE5355F85A4EAC67808E5655F
SHA1: 39F9BBAB09D37748790462E63C304B5928F080BA
BLAKE2sp: E88A31DB0D223F28BCD28E2CAA697DC6899D3DF6D6469105B14654829CB4B9E8

If you have downloaded a file of the same name but notice differences in size and especially checksums, you will want to avoid using it. It may be corrupted or it may have been tampered with, could contain malware.

How to Scan yours for Malware

If you have an antivirus program, get it updated now and scan with it. It's not enough but it's a start.

We run our software through many checks with ESET, Malwarebytes, AVG, Avira and a few others, and of course Microsoft's tools too. We also see it go through additional inspection when uploaded and deployed to the store at BMTmicro.

Additionally, you can also have your downloaded file analyzed by many security engines, and see additional info here:

There are occasionally rare false positives there too, but it's generally very trustworthy.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Ask Phil or Dan if you need guidance or tips. Phil has worked at Eset for 5 years, we've seen a thing or two.

Beyond v11.4? What's next?

Next stop: PD Artist 2019 (also known as v12)

     Help, Installation Notes, Misc....

More coming soon, but for now, refer to the PD Howler information and simply ignore any reference to animations. (except when we're talking about animated brushes, which are supported in PD Pro Artist too.)

Also consult the general F.A.Q. and the general Dogwaffle Help pages.

     What's New in Version 11? ...and 11.1?

Look in the list of new features from PD Howler 11, and ignore anything related to animation or tools for working on video clips.




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