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let's howl

let's howl

PD Pro 7 Howler  is $159

PD Pro 6 Howler
(=PD Howler 1)  is $109

PD Artist 2
(=PD Pro 6 Artist) is $79

  PD Artist 1 is just $19

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     What is PD Artist 2 ?

                        Artist 2 digital painting - turbo charged!PD Artist 2 is PD Howler (PD Pro 6), but without the animation tools.  The result: a lean, mean painting machine! that's affordably priced.

PD Artist 2 is built on the same howling-fast core engine as the one used in PD Pro 6 (AKA PD Howler) and thus benefits from interface improvements, multithreading, SSE2, speed enhancements and other optimizations found there.

All of the features of PD Pro 6 are intact.  Just the features used in animation have been removed for those who don't need them.

Some animated filters were removed. Some filters that had animation options were modified to exclude the animated portion. The Animation menu is gone. Tools and plugins made for animations such as the Timeline editor, the brush keyframer, the exposure sheet and frame painter, those are tools made for animation or post work on videos and were removed. However, animated brushes are still included!

     Why PD Artist 2 ?

                          garde - present your weapons! ready, set, ....
All for one, one for all........ ready,... set,... Paint!

PD Artist 1, the predecessor, was old. It was time for an overhaul. If you can't afford PD Howler 1 (PD Pro 6 Howler), or if you don't need nor care for animation, PD Artist 2 is the tool for you.

     How to Try PD Artist 2 

 At the moment, there is no free trial demo of PD Artist 2 available (yet). However, you could try the demo of PD Howler and get a sense of where it's at. Simply ignore the animation features. Note that the demo of PD Howler was released before the PD Howler final build and there were quite a number of additional features added to the final build, including therefore stuff that made it into PD Artist 2, beyond what you can see in the demo. So keep this in mond: you will only get to see part of the whole experience. If you are WOW'ed by the demo, you're gonna be WOWED(!) by the full version ;-)
Still, if you must try it today, try the demo of PD Howler from the demozone.

Note to Mr. Holmes: Another great way to investigate is to watch and observe the Videos or read the fine print in 'What's new?'... for example, check that symmetrical painting vs. mirror painting stuff!

Note: the video below was made with PD Howler. PD Artist 2 is based on PD Howler simply by having removed the Animation menu and features. That's it. So what you see here is pretty much the same in PD Artist.

     How to Order PD Artist 2

  PD Artist 2 is available for purchase here

     Help, Installation Notes, Misc....

More coming soon, but for now, refer to the PD Howler information and simply ignore any reference to animations. (except when we're talking about animated brushes, which are supported too in PD Artist 2.)

     But I want my PD Artist 1  (I know, I'm old-fashioned)

 PD Artist 1 was fun when it first came out, but its time has come and gone.

And yet, it is still available for a short time. You can also get it free with the purchase of other essential tools such as subscriptions for various other services and products through Trialpay. Look for the blue 'Get It Free ->' button.

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PD Artist 7 is here! 

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