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What's new in PD Particles 1.1?

from digital photo or painting into art in seconds: The Graphic Pen filter

- Increased the memory allocated for number of undo levels

- Added Penny Paint 1.1

Penny is powered by a Spline-based drawing engine, especially useful if you do cartoons, comics, Anime / Manga and other line art with a fast hand - it is a plugin for PD, including PD Particles, sort of like a paint program within the paint program ;-) .....

- Added several new filters - these are filters also found in PD Pro:
  • Photographic filters: Fog
  • Sharpen filters: Max Sharpen (based on PD Pro 3.1a)
  • Artistic filters: Graphic Pen filter:  (same as in PD Pro 3.6)
    • Soft pen, soft crosshatch
    • Hard pen, hard crosshatch
    • Stipple
    • Pointilist
    • Scribble
    • Crayon
  • Render filters: Plasma HSV

- Added Cooltools rev 2:
  • Store Image:  work with multiple images at the same time: store the ones that are not active and easily switch between them
  • Penny Paint shortcut - additional drawing pens for cartoonists wth a fast hand and a passion for vector-like line art >> more Penny here
  • Alpha tools: for when you need to work on transarency masks
    • Paint on alpha,
    • Transform alpha, 
    • Store alpha,
    • Grow alpha,
    • Shrink alpha

- minor tooltip improvements and other tweaks

Example: applying the Fog filter several times, and then another graphic pen filter effect:
applying fog and then more graphic pen

Here's a slideshow of numerous effects created
with the new GraphicPen filter:

HOT & New!
to the Patch

Graphic Pen filter effects:

Cross hatch, scribble, Crayon,....

Many of the effects shown in this animation above are done with the Graphic Pen filter, now also included in PD Particles! Some effects are best done with PD Pro.

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