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  PD Particles

Digital painting has never been so much fun!

The affordable digital painting solution for your PC

                                    Howler also supports animation &
                                    video   PD Howler also supports
                                    animation & video


The Slideshow NEW!  PD Particle 9 NEW!

Check the newest version 9 - available now!


              lifting on translucent water color

Painting over Photos or 3D Renderings

Particle brushes and various media brushes are part of PD Particles, PD Artist and PD Howler.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
This tutorial is done with PD Howler or PD Artist. The purely painted parts such as smearing brushes can be done likewise with PD Particles. You can start in other programs too, such as 3D rendering or real photographs.
In this section we focus on some of the techniques to add a more impressive sky with clouds. The screen capture was done in PD Howler but once again we can do the same in PD Particles or PD Artist too.
Once the backgrounds are done, well be ready to paint the nearby items, such as trees and fields of grass, bushes and perhaps add flowers or the occasional bunny, bird in the sky and spider web on a branch. Ready, set,... paint!

Prior Releases, Older Versions?

  It's been a little while since we released the first original PD Particles 1.
The older version is still available too, for just $1.99 (!) --- order here

But wait! We have created and released a new version, based on the code from Dogwaffle 9.

If you never heard of PD Particles and wonder what it is: PD stands for Project Dogwaffle.
Particles is a type of brush. We have these things in the higher-end versions too,
PD Howler and PD Artist
We also wanted to make them accessible for artists on very small budgets.
Welcome to the age of almost-free apps.

Feeling a little retro today?


Beyond PD Particles?

Add more filters, special effects, animation, tools for video, 3D, landscapes, etc...
If you already have PD Particles, contact us for a discount coupon to upgrade to PD Howler or PD Artist.

extinction level

PD Artist    -   paint, visual FX

PD Howler  -   paint, animate, video, visual FX