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  PD Particle 9

                 "from outer space"

PD Particles is the affordable digital painting solution for your PC.

Need more filters, 3D & visual effects? Need animation? Upgrade to the next level:

   PD Howler also supports
                                    animation & video

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What is PD Particles 9?         

The skinny version: PD Particle 9 is a lightweight digital painting program for Windows, powered by Project Dogwaffle.         

A bit more detailed: PD Particles, including this version which is also known as "Particle 9 - it's elementary, and it came from outer space!" is digital painting software for PCs running Microsoft Windows, preferably 64-bit versions, but it is a 32-bit program, and works best on Windows 10, 7 and 8.1...  oh and indeed it is powered by Project Dogwaffle, like PD Artist (the big sister) and PD Howler (the big brother) .

PD Particles is priced more affordably than its full-featured sibblings, PD Artist and PD Howler.

What it doesn't have are the more advanced tools for working on animations and video (with one exception: you can have animated brushes), and it has no 3D (with few exceptions on self-shaded foliage brushes for ambient occlusion lighting), and it has fewer filters (even though it still has a bunch!) , and no layers, but it does have the global alpha selection mask and the alternate image (aka the Swap buffer) on the back of your digital canvas, so it kinda has 2 layers, sort of. Together, the Main image and the Swap image are inseparable bff's. They can be combined in many ways, separated, transition-faded, serve as background to rub through with special brushes, serve as force fields to deflect the particles,... It still has a few essentials, and then some.

 If you don't work on animations, PD Particles may be a smartest solution for you. Why pay money for tools and features that you don't plan to use? You can work with PD Particles to make image assets, such as realistic bushes, grass, sea weed for underwater scenes in your games, create your backgrounds with matte painting, explore your creativity, design new user interfaces that are out of this world,... game on!

If you need to make rendered 3D mountains and other great things found in PD Artist, that's what you want.

HOT! PD Particles is also on Steam!      

Learn more here

Discover PD Particles 9

Sample artwork: Paint over existing Photos or 3D renders, to add clouds, trees and grass.  

The original mountain was from Howler or Artist. The foliage can be added in PD Particles.      

PD Particles 9 is our first paint program that is priced like an app, specifically designed with touch and pen users in mind. 

We took the painting part of PD Howler, and tricked it out for use with pen, touch and tablet, and it's even great with a mouse and keyboard too!

Example: Transparent watercolor with pigment lifting, and many color pickers to work in your color space.

pigment lifting on translucent
                water color    PD Particle 9
            screenshot with color pickers

Examples: Nature Painting

How much does it cost, and where can I order it?

PD Particle 9 is just $7.99 - Click here to access our online ordering page.

Color picker Themes

Tell me more:

What's In It?

Particle 9 is first and foremost a paint program that is touch and pen friendly. 
It runs on the Windows desktop, and feels a lot like an app. 

Gone are lengthy drop-down menus and complex commands.  Instead, everything is at your fingertips.

Bellow are a few examples, what's new, what's cool, and what's special.

It also helps to learn more about Project Dogwaffle, the engine that powers this release:

 PD Artist and PD Howler

 For example:  Foliage brushes

Foliage image 012A single brush stroke can generate a dense tuft of grass, a full bush, even an entire tree! Just one brush stroke.
And yet a different tree every time. With features like randomized parameters, forefields, gravity and sensitivity to the mouse movements,
even its speed and the angle at which you turn your digital pen, each piece of foliage will be unique.

It takes just a few seconds to paint scenes like these:

painted in mere seconds with particle brushes including
            ambient occlusion self shading

Watch this tutorial:
(this one done in Howler, same particle brushes)

Below is a list of key features:

Tabbed dialog interface.  No drop menus!

Particle Brushes Unleashed"allow brush transforms" is automatic when changing brush size.

change brush size with alt-mouse wheel

Brush preview respects size

Orbicles realtime visualization (really cool with spring forces)

Enhanced Curve tool

Easier to close curves

Enhanced color picker

Color themes

Pigments integrated on the color picker

Theme browser

Iconic jump list (mrud)

Vector rendered icons

pinetrees - Konifers by Dave

No layers, but there's that 'Spare' image (aka the Swap image in PD Howler and PD Artist).

look ma - no

But that's not all. 

We've also added a new color theme system that makes it so easy to create your own color worlds. 
Also, there's a big dose of Howler's particle painting such as foliage painting tools and more.

Scroll down to see more videos.

first look -
            sneak peek at PD Particle 9 - coming soon

Filters and Brushes and Foliage

Windows 10 preview

Windows 10 shot 3


from Newsletter #105 - From Outer Space:

Adding the Spherize tool to create planets

New Video: Painting Muzzle Flares

Even more tutorials:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
This tutorial is done with PD Howler or PD Artist. The purely painted parts such as smearing brushes can be done likewise with PD Particles. You can start in other programs too, such as 3D rendering or real photographs.
In this section we focus on some of the techniques to add a more impressive sky with clouds. The screen capture was done in PD Howler but once again we can do the same in PD Particles or PD Artist too.
Once the backgrounds are done, well be ready to paint the nearby items, such as trees and fields of grass, bushes and perhaps add flowers or the occasional bunny, bird in the sky and spider web on a branch. Ready, set,... paint!

Video Sneak Peek #1:

Introducing Particle 9 - Part 1

Introducing Particle 9 - Part 2

The Curve Tool

Do you want to do more than painting?

3D Landscapes? Work on video clips & Animation?

Going Beyond PD Particle:   PD Artist and PD Howler

purely ballistic - PD
            Howler 9.5

Add filters, special effects, animation, tools for video, 3D landscapes etc...

PD Artist    -   paint, visual FX

PD Howler  -   paint, animate, video, visual FX