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PD Pro 4 : Update Patches

This information shows what's been added in recent free update patches for v4. These patches are cumulative: you don't have to apply them all, just the most recent one. The latest gets you the greatest: the changes and improvements from prior patches are also included with it.

The most recent
update patch is:

 What's new in 4.1 ? New!

animated clouds,
& shadow visions

Hello wafflers! We're very pleased to announce a great new release, an update for Project Dogwaffle Professional 4.0 - the all new PD Pro 4.1

This is a fairly major update, hence the semi-major revision number (.1) instead of a continuation of recent sub-release numbers (it would have been 4.0d).

Here's an easy way to put the essence and spirit of this release into perspective:

Beyond Digital Painting!

 to the


PD Pro 4.1 has a new lens flare editor.

  • Lens elements are rendered in a new high quality anti aliasing routine.

  • There's now a set of tools for automating the process of setting up complex new effects easily and effectively.

  • There are new possibilities, including the ability to animate lens flares on the timeline.

More about animated lens flares > here


Skys can now be animated.
  • You have control over the speed of the clouds and their fractal noise function. More details > here

Bristle Brushes: new Presets and Size control slider

While we've had “real” bristle brushes as part of our particle system for ages, we've added entries for them in the preset menu and linked them to the size slider.

Waving tall grass in the breeze

There's also a version of the popular “wave in breeze” Lua script integrated into the timeline.  You can use it to make tall grass wave left to right as if there's wind blowing.

more details here :
> anim breeze


There's a new filter to create realistic woodcut engraved images. There's also a new duotone filter.

Timeline enhancements include new dark diffusion (which has a cartoonifying effect), and shadow vision, and transition by alpha filters, as well as animatable lens flares.

Classic features have also been brushed off, such as the mystic vision filter having a higher quality setting. Perlin noise has new parameters, and there's a color version of perlin noise.

Plus you can create custom transitions by defining them with a bitmap image.

the woodcut filter:

The latest version of the woodcut filter offers up to three levels of 'chiseling depths', yielding different colors.

1 level:

2 levels:

3 levels:

This final woodcut print also has a paper texture showing:

Here's another perspective on all this, and a  bunch of mini tutorials:

  • animated skies - add realistic (or cool and funky) animated backgrounds to your presentations and slideshows, 3D animations and multimedia projects. PD Pro's Sky filter now sports an 'Animate' button, in which you can set the speed at which they move. You can also change their 'altitude' (z-speed) in fractal space, making them easily look like they change shapes. You can also fade the clouds in, or out.
  • age decrementing on particle brushes: make roots, branches and twiggs now looking even more realistic: As you're painting with the particle brushes, the generations of particles are getting older and older, and the size is accordingly reduced, as well as their lifespan. WHat starts as a thick and tall trunk turns into medium sized branches and eventuallyt into tiny twiggs.
  • animated Swap buffer: The Timeline editor has always had a set of filters for displacing the frames of your animation by the image containined in the Swap buffer. Now you can go beyond a static displacement map: you can select a Dogwaffle animation file (*.dwa) to serve as an animated Swap buffer source. Thus, any animation can be used as animated displacement map. In fact, any filters that use the Swap buffer, including the 20 or so 'Combine with Swap' filters, can use the animated swap buffer now! The possibilities are amazing!
  • Animated Lens Flares(!) This one is for the community of 3D animators who want to render an animation of their 3D scenes in front of a background scene with skies, and add a bright sun with lens flare reflections. You can control the position, intensity, and very intricate details of the lensflares. There is also a large number of pre-defined samples, making it very easy for the novice user to quickly get professional results in just a few clicks.
  • Animated Dark Diffusion: a counterpart to the Light diffusion filter, this one causes a darkening around dark areas. It can be a great use for text that you want to give some depth to, as if it 'casts' its dark presence to the surrounding environment. It's also useful for some Toon-like shader effects.
  • Animated Shadow Vision: the counter part to the Mystic vision filter, which sort of combines the zoom blur with the Light diffusion effect, causing a zoom blur only on the bright pixels in the image, this new filter 'casts' dark rays, using the dark pixels found in the image. It can be useful to very easily create the impression of volumetric clouds under the dark clouds of an animated sky system.
  • The Woodcut filter: ever seen a black on white print from a woodcut? Ever wondered what a woodcut of your own portrait or favorite pet might look like? This new filter will easily create such an effect.
  • Using Alpha to fade between animations: you can now load an animation in the main buffer as usual, and another as the swap buffer animation (from .dwa file), and use the Alpha channel to blend or fade the two frame for frame. Essentially this can be used to myriads of fun effects that combine one video with another, perhaps with a mask looking like a keyhole, or binoculars, but where either 'channel' is animated.
  • New presets for advanced media: we have received contributions from various users of Projct DOgwaffle and are including them with this release or with more free downloads to come in the freebies area. Thanks to anyone who contributed, you're the best!
  • Animated Waving in the breeze - or strong winds: load an image into the custom brush, or generate somehting new with particle brushes, such as tall grass or a bush, and use this new filter in the animated Timeline's new 'Brush' secgtion to transform it in a motion swaying left to right as if animated by a breeze, or by strong winds.
and a few more goodies.

Ready for updating? If you have version 4.0,  this is a free update:

 to the

 What was new in PD Pro 4.0c ?   

  • Large addressing: PD Pro was built with large addressing flags to enable working with very large images. Note: 32-bit Windows programs can address a max of 2 GB.  That doesn't mean they'll be able to allocate that much memory from the system.  Certain versions of Windows (XP Pro) can be patched to address 3 GB  if the software is compiled to support it.  Under 64 bit windows, we should be able to address the full 4 GB space that 32 bit addressing allows.
  • Marching Ants visibility along selection boundaries can be toggled on/off. This can be useful for clarity in identifyling what's been selected (e.g. after a magic wand use on very noisy imagery). It can also significantly speed up the work process. This is a feature for pro users who work faster than they think: If PD Pro is in your blood, and you know what you're doing even when you don't see it onscreen, then this is for you.
  • fixed a bug in the Feather plugin

If you missed the earlier patches, don't worry: The enhancements from prior patches (4.0a and 4.0b) are also included in 4.0c

 What was new in PD Pro 4.0b ?  

(click to enlarge)

creating a color palette from the colors found in the image buffer is now more powerful

(click to enlarge)

Brightness control in Snowfall filter of Timeline editor

(click to enlarge)

When using the Style named 'Brush', the current brush image is pushed along the particle system's trails

 What's been Fixed & Improved:

  • The Palette from buffer plugin is now more of a palette arranger, with the
    ability to create spreads. You can also click to change a single color on the palette plugin. 

  • 2 additional filters are now explicitly multithreaded and should run even faster on multi-core systems: Value only contrast, and color noise.
  • Fixed some bugs on the Animation Timeline's group of filters to 'Composite with Image Sequence':  support for BMP sequence is now more robust and no longer has conflicts with the Undo system. Cell edge composition lets you recomposite cell edges after doing ink and paint. (great for cartooning, Anime,...) For one of the filters, the name was changed to cell edge to reflect its intended use in cell animation compositing.

Composite with Sequence - filters in the Timeline editor (click to enlarge)
  • The Snowfall filter now also has a value slider, as a new feature. It lets you change the brightness of the snow particles. In the past, they were white only, and hard to see against a bright sky background. Now you can also make dark raindrops with it (when using high velocity at the same time). You can also keyframe the brightness and other values for dramatic effects, such as shockwaves.
this animation was fully painted, rendered and animated from scratch in PD Pro 4.0b - no external textures, images or photos
  • a bug has been fixed with particle brushes in 'Brush' style. When the image was zoomed in or out (i.e. different from 100%), the particles would previously appear at positions different from the mouse pointer. The remapping has been fixed, so that it's now possible to work with particle brushes in 'Brush' style even while zoomed in.

a compositing tutorial


 What was new in PD Pro 4.0a ? 

  • Faster layer mixing.
  • Redeye removal tool as a filter named "Remove red from selected" under the Photographic filters menu.
  • Menu item for DoggyFX plugin, added under the Filters>Video menu if DoggyFX is installed.


  • display bug: Black Horizontal line through the center of the brush image appeared when using layers on dual-core systems. It usually went away when the layers were merged but it sometimes stayed as a permanent part of the image.
  • "ChangeDPI" plugin crashed if the cancel button was selected on the file requester
  • Several Brush Selections didn't update the toolbar:
  • ToolTiptext for Flood Fill says to right click for options
  • Typo: Alpha Settings mispelled on toolbar when Alpha is active

PD Pro and Project Dogwaffle are trademarks of Dan Ritchie. All other names, trademarks or registered trademarks mentioned here are the sole property of their respective owners and only used for identification purposes. No endorsement or other support  is intended or implied.