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more tutorials:
PD Particles
Project Dogwaffle
& PD Pro
PD Artist

PD Pro Tutorials

Gradient Rectangles  new!  
Filled rectangles, gradients and more

Glowing Neon Legs  new!  
using PD Pro post work techniques with the Timeline editor

alpha channel tutorials
Waffling with the Alpha Channel new!
This is the start of a series of short tutorials and exercises.

Alpha Skills are essential with any imaging or painting tool - learn to work with the Alpha channel for selections, masks, special effects etc...

1 + 1 = 1
Blue-screen Compositing 2 images into one

you can load an animation or video from Avi file directly into the cutom brush as an animated brush and paint with it - even paint video on video
digital paint with video on video

using Project Dogwaffle, then Archipelis, then Carrara,
and back to Project Dogwaffle
   fishy-fishy - 3D mobile

more examples of manual image stabilization for time lapse image sequence

Save to animated Gif using the free DoggyFX plugin. Also supports importing animated gif and saving to MNG

A few tips and tricks to grab an image from your
web browser straight into Dogwaffle without saving to file.
Plus some stuff you can do to it.


Got a shaky movie clip or image sequence? stabilize it with the help of this plugin and a little perseverance, savvy and patience.

3D goes everywhere, and there's great ways to use 3D with Project Dogwaffle

don't get your tubes hosed up!

Using Ken Carlino's Pixarra Twistedbrush Pro Studio together with Project Dogwaffle Professional for even more fun with digital painting and animation.


Dark Snow:
Creating your own Animated Screensaver
using PD Pro + Irfanview

Fun with Particle Brushes
Painting things only possible in the dgital world

Grid Patterns
interesting repetitive patterns and effects from filters
such as Color Sobel Edge Detect

It's not Kirlian Photography
just beautiful, colors and contours

Circular Gradients and Backgrounds
the color gradient in a circular mode

Gradients along Linear masks
color gradients used inside a confined region

Make Seamless & Add Lensflare

Custom Backgrounds
personalize your favorite paint program's workspace

Creating an Animated Texture
for Lottery Ticket Scratcher
  3D animation example done with Carrara


from Cloud photo to animated Planet Textures
weird, just weird....

Of Xeno-Waffles and Dog-Dreams
using XenoDream and Dogwaffle together

  Re-formatted video tutorials from PD 2.1 - now in Flash Video format
Creating Textures
Color Theory
Seamless Textures
Artist Guides

Seamless Plus - to make better seamless textures
Artist Guides to help you paint

Mini-tutorials with the new features from PD Pro 4.1:

Desert Heat

(anim swap used with displacement filter on the timeline)

Animated Skies
creating animated cloud backgrounds for your presentations

Blue-Screen Compositing
combining an image sequence with another

Cryptonite: Compositing an Image Sequence with Alpha channel to an Animation

latest update patches
recently added features

Load to Stored Image

Lightning Effects


Pigment Profiles
using pigment profiles to make
 color mixers that behave
 like real paints

Sprite Sheets for
Game Developers
from animation to spritesheets
or from spritesheets to animations
and custom brushes


DigArts Gardenhose
Making custom animated brushes
with the best image hose collections

Video & Animation
DoggyFX and more